Episode 4768

Australian Air Date: 26th November 2008
UK Air Date: 28th January 2009

Has Bridget’s scam been foiled? Nicole finds a new date for the formal. Xavier goes back home after getting busted.

Extended Summary

Bridget’s scam to fleece Leah of her insurance payment is underway. There’s a close call when VJ finds her searching in Leah’s drawers for old bills to use as ID. Bridget quickly covers telling VJ she is planning a secret surprise for Leah’s upcoming birthday. Then, armed with Leah’s fake ID she sets up a bank account in Leah’s name. However, when she comes to transfer $100k into the new account she learns that she needs the password on the old account to enable the transfer is this a temporary setback or has her scam been foiled and will Leah get a second chance to honour Dan’s memory after all?

Nicole is still furious with Geoff for agreeing to take Melody to the formal instead of her. When she runs into Melody she lets her know she is onto her manipulative ways even if Geoff isn’t – Nicole agrees that Melody can have Geoff for one night and that is it. Knowing Geoff isn’t going to change his mind, Nicole decides to find herself another date and it doesn’t take her long, much to Geoff’s displeasure.

Jack can’t get the Angelo situation out of is head but tries his best when Martha plans a special day out for them. When Charlie tells Jack she found dope in Xavier’s pocket, he decides it’s time for Xavier to go home. Xavier tells Ruby he has to leave because of a family emergency and that he promises to stay in touch which is some comfort to an upset Ruby who is still none the wiser to his illegal antics. Finally Jack and Martha have the place to themselves and for the first time since her mastectomy Martha feels ready to make love again. The couple are in loved-up bliss.

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