Episode 4607

Australian Air Date: 1st April 2008
UK Air Date: 9th May 2008
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Will Aden survive? Sally’s fate unfolds.

Extended Summary

Aden drifts in and out of consciousness, trapped under a portion of collapsed roof in the Diner.

The preparations are on for Sally’s farewell. And while the students Miles selected set everything up, Melody is growing to like Geoff more and more with each moment spent together. Even better, it seems to her that Geoff is feeling the same way. When Miles tells her there’s nothing wrong with a Catholic dating a Protestant, it seems there’s nothing left to keep them apart. Unfortunately for poor Melody, she’s read the situation all wrong.

With the realization that her best friend is leaving beginning to hit home, Matilda is struggling to keep up a brave face. And at the same time, Sally is dreading the car trip to Brisbane with a four year old who gets car sick. That is until Ric comes up with a brilliant idea to solve both their problems. The only reason Sally was driving was because she plans to take so many things to leave at Pippa’s in Queensland. But if she and little Pippa fly, it leaves Cassie with the car and the opportunity to go on a road trip with Matilda and really enjoy their last few days together.

Guided by her ‘powers’, Floss returns to Summer Bay, sure that something important is about to happen, though unaware until she actually arrives that Sally is leaving. Sally’s thrilled to have her there for such a momentous occasion, but it is Aden who really benefits. On their way to what Sally expects will be a boring series of speeches at the school hall, they pass by the old Diner and Floss senses Aden trapped inside. But with Aden lingering closer to death, have they got to him in time?