Episode 4608

Australian Air Date: 2nd April 2008
UK Air Date: 12th May 2008
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Goodbye Cassie. Jack goes to the police with evidence incriminating his wife for murder.

Extended Summary

Well aware of Melody’s constant gaze, Geoff knows he has no choice but to do the right thing and let her down gently. But when he tells her how much her friendship means to him, emphasis on friendship, she takes it entirely the wrong way, convinced now more than ever of his interest in her.

Having made sure nobody is home, Sam silently enters Jack’s house, tearing immediately into a desperate search for Johnny’s letter. But as her frustration grows, the clock keeps ticking, and finally the door opens, framing Jack. He pauses for a moment at the sight of his home ransacked before catching sight of Sam making her escape and grabbing her before she can get away.

The two fly into a ballistic argument, and Sam finally lets loose the full volume of her venom, revealing every nasty thing she ever thought about him. Attempting to turn the odds, Sam threatens to tell the cops every corrupt thing he’s done if he turns her in, but as far as Jack’s concerned, they won’t believe a word she says after they read Johnny’s letter, and he reveals that he’s had it on him all along. As he holds it out, Sam lunges immediately for it, and when a short tussle ends with Sam tripping over a chair and landing heavily on the floor, all their anger is forgotten, their only concern the safety of their unborn baby. But it’s no good, they lose the baby, and for Jack, that’s the last straw. He walks out of the hospital without seeing Sam and finally, after days of turmoil, calls the police. But when they arrive at the hospital, Sam has disappeared.

After seeing Aden off in an ambulance, Sally readies herself for a boring day of speeches in her honour at the school hall. But Colleen has a detour for her, at the end of which is an amazing farewell concert, nothing like the event she was expecting. She can hardly believe how many people are there, how much work they’ve put into it, or that they managed to keep it from her, but she couldn’t feel more loved.

Until, that is, her surprise guests arrive; Pippa, Carly and Steven. The only person who doesn’t seem overjoyed is Alf, clearly struggling with the concept of Sally leaving. With the concert over, it’s time for the first goodbye as Cassie heads off on her road trip with Matilda. It’s a bitter sweet goodbye, she’s sad to leave her friends, but couldn’t be more excited to embark on the first step of a once in a lifetime adventure. Sally’s feeling much the same way, buoyed up by the tremendous show of love she’s experienced today, until she arrives home with the others to find every scrap of furniture has been stolen.