Episode 4606

Australian Air Date: 31st March 2008

Jack gives Sam an ultimatum. Aden confronts his father about the years of abuse he suffered. Aden is involved in a terrible accident.

Extended Summary

Cassie tells roman and Morag that she saw Aden and he stormed off in obvious distress, there was only one conclusion she can jump to. Believing that Aden’s blood test results have come back positive for HIV, Cassie is wracked with guilt and asks Roman and Morag to help Aden however they can when she is overseas. Though they have little choice but to agree, they remain sceptical of what they can do for him. Little do they know that the real problem is, if not worse, then far more complicated. In truth, Aden’s results were negative, but opening up about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his grandfather has brought the pain and memory back to the surface.

Aden’s first attempt to confront his father is shut quickly down, but when a photograph of his grandfather sends Aden into a rage that leaves his lounge room in ruin his father goes berserk. Spurred by Cassie’s request, Roman arrives just in time to stop Aden’s father from literally choking the accusations out of his son. Aden agrees to crash at Roman’s for the night, and things seem to be going well until he spots a photo from Roman’s army days and flees. Emotionally ravaged and feeling more alone than he ever has, Aden takes refuge in the condemned Diner. But as he settles down to sleep the day takes its final swing at him. The roof collapses, rendering Aden trapped and unconscious.

Jack is falling apart under the pressure as, with all Sam’s secrets revealed, he has been left to choose between sending his pregnant wife to jail or letting her get away with murdering Johnny Cooper and endangering his friends and family. With an answering machine full of Sam’s pleas, he finally comes to a decision. Sam arrives at their house alone as agreed, fearful of a trap, but ready to save her marriage. But Jack has no intention of saving their marriage, this time he has an ultimatum for her. If she hands herself in to the police for murdering Johnny, he’ll keep the rest to himself.

Jack believes that, under the circumstances and given her past, Sam will get a lenient sentence, maybe as little as six months. In return, he demands custody of the baby when it’s born. She has two days to decide. As far as Jack’s concerned, he’s offering her a good deal, but Sam loses it, and all her past jealousy comes to the boil. Convinced this is all Jack’s plan to get back with his ex wife; Sam confronts Martha at Roman’s flat, verbally abusing her. When Jack finds out, he’s furious, and as punishment, reduces Sam’s thinking time to a single day.

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