Episode 4601

Australian Air Date: 24th March 2008

Unemployment is the least of Ric’s worries when Noel starts getting persuasive. Jazz’s latest scheme works perfectly. Is it all over for Sam when Jack finally reads Johnny’s letter?

Extended Summary

Unemployment is the least of Ric’s worries when his van is stolen by one of Noel’s thugs, and that’s only the beginning of what’s in store should he keep up his refusal to fight. But it’s not all bad news for him, and he and Matilda decide it’s time for her to move in.

Miles maintains a careful air of secrecy around his plans for Sally’s farewell, leaving her convinced and disappointed by the prospect of a long series of boring speeches from local bureaucrats. But while Sally dreads the day, Miles and his students decide to hold a farewell concert, and during the meeting, Miles comes to tell his students about his life on the streets, inspiring Cassie to tell her own story.

Still believing that Sam was beaten up by her ‘secret lover’, Jazz blackmails her into helping her take Rachel out of the picture on the night of Tony’s reunion. When Rachel unwittingly drinks Jazz’s laxative mixed health drink, the scheme goes exactly according to plan; Tony decides it’s better to show up with Jazz than with nobody at all, and lands a sports car Jazz hired into the bargain.

As the time bomb of Johnny’s letter continues to tick away, edging ever closer to discovery, a blissfully unaware Sam, convinced that her staged beating has done away with all suspicion of her, deals with what she thinks is the last threat to her marriage, Jazz. But just as it seems that everything is over and dealt with, Jack opens the letter and begins to read…

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