Episode 4600

Australian Air Date: 21st March 2008

Summer Bay says a final goodbye to a loved one. Geoff and Annie help Belle rally after her break up. Will Sam be exposed by something she can’t control or will her plan work?


Written by Faith McKinnon
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Drew has come back to the bay to say a proper goodbye to Belle. He admits he’s been a total jerk and he doesn’t want to leave things like they are at the moment. It’s by no means an attempt to win her back, but recognition to what they shared in the past. He knows they’ve been through a lot and he said things during their fight that he didn’t mean. She doesn’t want him to remember her like that. The wind taken from her sails, Belle can’t keep up her anger, and admits that she feels the same way. She doesn’t want him back, but she’d prefer to end things on a good note. They share a final kiss, and Drew walks out of Belle’s life forever. It’s an end of a long journey.

When Belle accuses Geoff and Annie of not questioning their religion, they make a deal with her to question her own beliefs and come to church with them for Easter. Ric and Matilda can’t quite believe it and when Miles finds out he thinks it’s a great idea and ropes the whole Summer Bay House gang into going as well.

Shocked by the severity of Sam’s beating, Rachel thinks she needs to go to hospital. But Sam refuses, insisting she’ll be okay. According to her story, she opened the door to a man she didn’t recognize, who immediately began beating her whilst telling her to forget anything she saw at the hospital.

She puts the pieces of herself made puzzle together, suggesting that he must have heard about her report to the police, but not that she had made it up. When Jack wants to report it, Sam puts on a convincing show of fear, claiming that the man warned her not to go to the police. But Jack insists, promising they’ll catch the guy, and, everything going according to plan, Sam eventually relents. She’s now convinced that nobody could believe she killed Johnny.

But when Jazz hears about the beating, she comes to her own conclusion; suspecting that Sam was ill treated by the man she’s having an affair with. Sam could laugh at Jazz’s explanation, but simply goes along with it. It seems she’s well and truly gotten away with murdering Johnny. But there still remains Johnny’s letter, and Rory finds it after knocking over a box of Luc’s old books, unaware of what the envelope contains, it’s left openly on a table and Jack says he will send it onto Luc, the contents are that much closer to discovery.

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