Episode 4599

Australian Air Date: 20th March 2008
UK Air Date: 28th April 2008
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: David Gould

Sam takes extreme measures to allay suspicion. But has she fooled everyone? Why has Drew returned to the Bay?


Extended Summary

Though the investigation is no closer to finding Johnny’s killer, Rachel is beginning to suspect that it was Sam, motivated by fear that he would wake up and she’d have to relive the nightmare that was her life on the run. Meanwhile, terrified that the truth, far worse than Rachel could imagine, will come out and tormented by the strain of bottling it up, Sam is at breaking point.

Things only get worse when she learns that Jack’s fellow cops are beginning to suspect her as well. Jack tells her not to worry, but it’s cold comfort for a woman who knows they’re right, and she knows she needs to do something about it fast. On the pretext of visiting her sister, Sam trawls the local bars until she finds a man willing to do what she wants, and when Jack and Rory return from the movies, they find her bruised and bloody, savagely beaten by the ‘real killer’.

Ric decides to head to the city to force Drew into the proper goodbye he should have given. But Drew is no more interested in what Ric has to say than he is in his mother’s constant calls and visits to get him off the couch and find a direction in life. Ric gives up and leaves, and Belle isn’t surprised when she hears what happened. She is, however, rather surprised when Drew shows up at her house that night. Why has he come back to town?

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