Episode 4443

Australian Air Date: 20th June 2007

Rachel and Kit’s hostility leaves a life hanging in the balance. Sally’s intrigued by two young strangers. Jack deals with the fallout from his disastrous date with Martha.

Extended Summary

Having been lost in last night’s storm, Martha was forced to take refuge in a barn. She’s discovered by two teenagers – Geoff and Annie Campbell. They kindly help her get back to town in their unregistered paddock-basher. When Jack tries to give Geoff a ticket for the defects in the Ute, Martha leaps to the teen’s defence.

Jack is shocked to learn that she spent last night in the barn – he honestly thought she made it home safely. Martha refuses to listen to his excuses – in her mind he’s yet again put his job ahead of their relationship. She turns him away, furious. She’s also angry with herself for actually entertaining the possibility she and Jack might have a future together.

Desperate to make amends, Jack talks Alf into letting him have the keys to her apartment so he can set up a special surprise. However, when she finally finds the surprise, Geoff reminds her how poorly Jack has treated her recently. Jaded and tired, Martha throws Jack’s apology into the trash.

Sally’s curious about Geoff’s awkward reaction to the subject of school. When she later queries Geoff about Annie’s age, she’s told in no uncertain terms to mind her own business. What is Geoff hiding?

Meanwhile, Tony is stoked that Luc has agreed to help him fix up the old dinghy. However, as they have more then one disagreement on how Lucas is doing things Lucas bristles when Tony tries to give him tips on how to sand the boat. Luc feels he can’t do anything right in Tony’s eyes, and tells him where he can stick his boat.

Worried by Archie’s fever, Kit takes him to the hospital for a check-up. Whilst there, she notices some tension between Rachel and Hugh. She also overhears Rachel saying she suspects Kit is overreacting about Archie – yet again! Embarrassed and hurt, Kit takes Archie home before Rachel can examine him.

Later that night, Kit rushes Archie to Rachel’s house – his condition has gotten much worse. After a brief examination, Rachel realises it’s serious and they need to get him to the hospital immediately. What’s wrong with poor Archie?

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