Episode 4442

Australian Air Date: 19th June 2007

Alex’s betrayal forces Leah to make the hardest decision of her life. Jack’s plans for romance leave Martha in peril. Dan discovers Jazz has been keeping something from Drew.

Extended Summary

Leah tears strips off Alex over his drug dealing. However, she becomes even more incensed when she realises Alex used her as a drug mule to transport the drugs. After agonizing over whether or not to turn him over to the police, Leah finally decides to wash her hands of him completely. Turning him away, she tells him she never wants to see him again!

Martha and Jack’s picnic in the countryside goes less than smoothly. After getting lost, they decide to have the picnic on a nearby farm. However, their fun is cut short when Bruce Campbell arrives brandishing a shotgun. He owns the farm and wants them off – immediately! But when Bruce realises Jack is a cop, he decides to run for it.

Jack wants to give chase, but Martha tells him to let it slide for the moment – she wants them to enjoy their day together. Jack decides to go nevertheless, but promises he won’t be long. Martha is left behind fuming.

Jack follows Bruce back to his farmhouse and gives him a dressing down over his misuse of firearms. Satisfied Bruce doesn’t pose a danger, Jack returns to his car…only to discover he has a flat! Some time later, Jack arrives back at the picnic site, only to find Martha has gone. She got sick of waiting, so left on foot.

Jack arrives home under the misapprehension Martha has returned safely. In reality, she is still stranded out in the bush, caught in the storm and lost in the dark. Poor Martha!

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