Episode 4441

Australian Air Date: 18th June 2007

A stranger to the Bay threatens to turn Drew’s life upside-down. Brad and Alf start to piece together Alex’s strange behaviour. Cassie panics when she loses VJ.

Extended Summary

Leah and Dan are concerned when Drew fails to come home – no-one seems to know where he is! Belle, however, has her suspicions and finds him shacked up with Jules at Amanda’s house. Belle’s furious because she’s the one who’ll cop it if Amanda finds out. The squatters are later sprung when Colleen comes to clean the house for an inspection. Dan’s furious with the boys and forces them to stay back and help clean up the house. Drew later gets the shock of his life when he sees the prospective tenant – his mother Jazz. She claims she’s come to the Bay to help Drew sort himself out, but Drew and Jules think she’s got ulterior motives. In an attempt to bring mother and son closer, Dan allows Jazz to stay at their house. Drew is fuming.

Meanwhile, Alex is baby-sitting VJ in an attempt to retrieve his backpack full of drugs from Leah’s house. However, he’s stymied by Cassie’s unexpectedly arrival. When he finally gets his chance to look for the bag, he’s shocked to discover it’s gone. Alex panics – turning the house upside down looking for it. Unsettled by Alex’s mood, VJ hides – secretly taking the backpack with him. In his hidey-hole, VJ happily plays with the pills – but will he be tempted to swallow one? Cassie soon realises he’s missing, and with Jules’ help, searches frantically.

At the caravan park, Brad has found scores of empty prescription pills packets in the rubbish. He and Alf soon suspect Alex might have once again got himself mixed up with drugs. When Alex returns to Leah’s house looking for VJ, he finds Leah and the others waiting to confront him. Leah has his backpack and the drugs – Alex has been sprung!

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