Episode 4417

Australian Air Date: 15th May 2007

Will Jack reach Martha in time to save her life? Amanda is devastated when Peter walks out of her life forever.

Extended Summary

Martha is trapped inside the Rocket Club’s office – when she realises to her horror that the club is on fire. She tries to ring for help, but the phone is dead. Meanwhile, Jack has finally got Martha’s earlier message that she’s been locked in at the Club. He doesn’t waste any time heading out there, and is bemused to see Cam driving at top speed away from the club. But Jack’s first priority is getting Martha out – and he’s shocked when he reaches the club and discovers the fire. He battles his way inside, and after a massive struggle manages to save Martha.

Alf and Sally are reunited with a shaken Martha, to learn that Jack blames Cam for starting the fire. The foursome return to Martha’s apartment, where Cam is frantically grabbing his stuff to make a getaway. Jack tackles him to the ground, revealing that Cam had stolen Martha’s jewellery and cash. It’s the final betray for poor Martha.

At the police station, Cam denies starting the fire – and seems genuinely shocked that Martha was trapped inside. Jack’s called Cindy in for an interview, and she at first defends Cam’s story. But when she learns how close Martha came to death – and when Jack makes it clear that Cindy will face charges for hindering an investigation – she gives evidence against Cam.

Cam attacks Cindy for betraying him, but Martha comes to her defence, tearing strips off Cam for his cowardice and dishonesty. Later, Jack drops her home and Martha offers heartfelt thanks for saving her – he’s always been there when she needed him most. A wistful moment between them…the sense that something more might happen. Could there be a future for these two?

It also seems that Peter and Amanda have a future together, as they lie in each other’s arms after their surprise encounter. Peter seems a little reserved, but a blissfully happy Amanda later tells Belle that their relationship is back on track. Amanda asks Peter to move back in with her, and can’t help noting his reluctance – which is unhappily confirmed for her by Dan. Amanda meets with Peter and tests his doubts, admitting to him that perhaps they’re rushing into things. She’s secretly hoping Peter will deny this, but to her crushing disappointment he admits relief at the opportunity to back out of the relationship. When Belle discovers this, she’s not impressed. She fronts Peter and rounds on him for letting Amanda down. Peter realises he’s been gutless, and he goes to Amanda, admitting that he’s been confused and scared of getting involved with her again. Amanda wonders if that means he doesn’t love her? Peter says that’s the weird part – he does love her. But he knows that he can never be with her. He’s sorry – but there’s no future for them. Peter goes, leaving Amanda utterly devastated.

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