Episode 4416

Australian Air Date: 14th May 2007

Martha realises the shocking extent of Cam’s deception and that her life is in grave danger. Peter finally admits that he still loves Amanda.

Extended Summary

Martha is horrified to discover that Cam has stolen two thousand dollars from the Diner. She furiously confronts him but a desperate Cam tells her that he had no choice – he owes money to a serious loan shark, Terry Mitchell, and the loan’s being called in. Martha argues it’s no excuse – but Cam storms out, leaving Martha reeling at his dishonesty. But we learn that Cam’s fears are justified, when Mitchell and his thugs threaten to take the deeds to the Rocket Club if Cam doesn’t produce ten grand by tomorrow. A deeply shaken Cam returns home, admitting to Martha that the money he stole from the Diner will only buy him a day’s grace – and he’s stunned when Jack steps out of hiding, having heard it all. He arrests Cam for the Diner theft. And Cam immediately attacks Martha for turning him in. Alf does his best to support Martha but she’s shaken by Cam’s aggression – and saddened to realise the full extent of his deception and manipulation.

Better news for Amanda when Peter learns that the assets Kelly stole from her will be returned. But Amanda bruised that he’s been avoiding her, doesn’t return his calls. Realising how hurt Amanda is, Dan encourages Peter to go and talk to her. Peter awkwardly meets with Amanda, and admits just how scared he’s been of getting involved with her again. Amanda can’t help feeling let down – and angry. Peter finally admits that he does love her – always has. He takes her in his arms. At first, Amanda resists, but she can see the truth in his eyes. They kiss, a kiss that quickly turns into something more passionate…

Meanwhile, Martha’s shocked to learn that the police have no choice but to free Cam – and he fronts her, begging for her help. Alf sees him off, but Martha is thrown – she’s never seen Cam so out of control. When Mitchell takes possession of the club, a distraught Cam rings Martha. When the call is cut off, she goes in search of Cam at the Rocket Club, only to be accidentally locked inside the office by Mitchell and his thugs. Trying not to panic, Martha calls Jack to rescue her – but her message goes through to his voicemail. Meanwhile, Cam, who has no idea that Martha’s trapped, breaks into the Rocket Club and sets it on fire. Will Martha survive?

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