Episode 4418

Australian Air Date: 16th May 2007

Martha and Jack get closer in the wake of her ordeal. The feud between Cassie and Jules intensifies as they continue to deny the strength of their feelings for each other.

Extended Summary

A new day, and Martha pensively thinks over the mistakes she’s made with Cam. But for all her regret, she’s determined to focus on the future…although she’s not at all sure what to make of the moment of intimacy with Jack last night. Jack is also confused, but admits to Tony that he would like a future with her. At the Diner, Martha tries to talk to Jack about their relationship – but the moment’s broken by the arrival of Ric, Alf, Sally and Brad. It’s a happy family reunion, and Sally asks Martha to move back home.

Martha’s grateful to be asked but makes it clear that right now she wants to hold on to her independence. Sally and Alf are disappointed but understanding. Later, however, Sally admits to Jack her concern that Martha is making the same mistake she made with Cam – of not asking the family for help when she most needs it. Jack gently brings it up with Martha, who for the first time openly admits the many mistakes she’s made. But she also assures him that she’s changed – she’ll never again turn away from her family and friends when she needs help.

Martha’s honesty draws them close, and there’s another charged moment between them. Martha is the first to pull away -s he isn’t ready to go this far and makes it clear that while she needs Jack in her life, it’s as a friend only. Jack understands that it’s too soon, but he can’t help holding on to the hope that they will find their way back to each other.

Another couple with a troubled past is Belle and Drew. Truth is, they both secretly want to get back together – not that either of them is about to admit it. Any more than Jules is going to admit to himself that he does in fact have feelings for Cassie. To get Cassie’s attention he taunts her, but only succeeds in infuriating her further – until finally she tells him to get out of her life for good. Things go from bad to worse for Jules when Belle upbraids him in front of the class, announcing that everyone can see he’s got feelings for Cassie! The feud between Belle and Jules intensifies as they play competing tricks on each other. Finally Brad puts an end to it – by putting Belle, Jules, Cassie and Drew on detention.

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