Episode 4411

Australian Air Date: 7th May 2007

Kelli embarks on her final most shocking act of revenge. Can Belle save Amanda from a ghastly fate? A shocking accident threatens to end a life.

Extended Summary

Amanda’s unexpected decision to leave Summer Bay takes Kelli by surprise, forcing her to accelerate her plans. With Ethan’s help, Kelli now plans to drug Amanda this afternoon so she crashes her car.

Meanwhile, Belle can’t shake the feeling Kelli is up to something sinister. Her suspicions are further piqued when she secretly discovers a bottle of sedative in Kelli’s bag. Belle goes to Peter and suggests Amanda’s recent reckless behaviour may not have been her fault – she may have been drugged. Belle thinks this would also explain the compromising photo of Amanda and Ethan. However, Peter’s still hurting and doesn’t think there’s sufficient evidence to support Belle’s wild claims.

Back at Amanda’s house, Kelli puts her plan into action by secretly pouring the sedative into Amanda’s juice. However, before Amanda can drink it, Belle arrives in the hope Amanda will listen to her theory. But before Belle can broach the subject, she’s sidetracked by the news her mother is leaving town. Belle’s shocked and disappointed, but understands Amanda’s reasons. When Belle tries to raise her concerns about Kelli, Amanda cuts her off. As far as Amanda is concerned, Kelli has been her emotional rock and she doesn’t want to hear anymore of Belle’s accusations. Kelli later joins them and soon realises Belle has mistakenly had the drink meant for Amanda. Kelli is horrified, but powerless to say or do anything without giving herself away.

Belle later collapses near the diner and is rushed to hospital by Peter and Irene. Belle’s toxicology results confirm her blood contains traces of the same kind sedative she found in Kelli’s bag. Even Peter is starting to come round to Belle’s suspicions now, and agrees to question Kelli.

Ethan arrives at Amanda’s house, having discovered Kelli’s plans to double-cross him. A heated argument erupts between the lovers, unaware Amanda is in the next room. She manages to overhear enough to glean the horrible truth – her sister and Ethan have been plotting to ruin her life! Shocked, Amanda races outside to her car. Kelli moves to follow, but Ethan intercepts her. He’s still fuming over Kelli’s betrayal and wants answers. But the only answer she gives is a knee to the groin and a blow to the head. She leaves Ethan floored and in pain as she tears off after Amanda.

Amanda is hurtling down the road when she realises Kelli is in hot pursuit. Amanda panics and tries to speed up, but loses control around a corner, sending the car crashing spectacularly. Will Amanda survive?

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