Episode 4410

Australian Air Date: 4th May 2007

Belle’s prying forces Kelli’s hand. Is there still a chance for Peter and Amanda? Cassie and Sally clash over Lily’s future.

Extended Summary

Jules is dragged back to Summer Bay by the police and narrowly avoids being charged for stealing the bike. While his parents are less than happy with his behaviour, they agree to let him stay with Dan for the time being. Jules is still angry with himself for being such a coward, so Drew pushes him to face his fears and speak with Lily in hospital.

Lily learns she can be released from hospital but anxiety takes over and she has another mild breathing attack. Cassie pushes for Lily to stay at Summer Bay House but Lily has decided that if she is to grow strong she needs to do this herself. As much as she has appreciated all of the help from her new friends she wants to go back the hostel and continue with the counselling. Sally, Brad and especially Cassie understand where she is coming from. While Lily receives a tearful farewell from her friends, Jules arrives at the hospital. Will he have the courage to face her?

Despite everything Amanda’s done, Peter can’t help but feel sorry for her. Out of concern, he spends some time with her, but Amanda misreads this as a sign they might reconcile. When Peter makes it clear they have no future together, Amanda is left crushed and decides to leave the Bay forever.

Belle confronts Kelli over the compromising photo of her and Ethan on the beach. While Kelli manages to talk her way out of trouble, she’s left worried Belle is getting too close to the truth. Kelli decides to accelerate her plans for revenge – she wants to drug Amanda so she crashes her car. Meanwhile, Belle can’t shake the feeling Kelli has been lying to her. Will Belle discover the truth in time?

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