Episode 4409

Australian Air Date: 3rd May 2007

Summer Bay gives a tearful farewell to one of its favourite residents. Belle makes a startling discovery that could expose Kelli.

Extended Summary

Jack’s concerned his father isn’t dealing with Beth’s death as well as everyone thinks. On top of everything, Tony’s also grappling with the gym’s imminent closure due to legal action. Kim is furious over losing his job, and places the blame firmly on Amanda’s shoulders. Rachel tries to be supportive and reminds Kim she can support them until he finds a new job. But Kim’s pride gets the better of him and he snaps at Rachel. Kim later apologises, but it doesn’t fully defuse the tension between them.

Keen to stir up trouble, Kelli convinces Amanda to attend Beth’s memorial service. However, Amanda receives a cold reception from the crowd, and is left feeling like a total outcast. Meanwhile, Tony is nowhere to be seen at the service. Irene finds him at home hiding from the crowd – he can’t bring himself to say goodbye to Beth. Irene warmly suggests it’s time he stopped being strong for the others – it’s time for him to let himself grieve. Buoyed by her support, Tony makes an appearance at tear-wrenching service.

Later that day, Belle discovers she’s accidentally photographed Kelli and Ethan conspiring on the beach. Belle’s jaw drops – has she finally stumbled on the truth?

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