Episode 4382

Australian Air Date: 27th March 2007

Martha is ashamed when her family discovers the truth about her job. Kelli and Ethan prepare to enact their revenge on Amanda by destroying her wedding day.

Extended Summary

Martha is frozen to the spot, stunned that she’s been discovered dancing by the guys. Ric and Jack freak out and try to jump on stage but they are held back. Martha is mortified and darts off to the dressing room. All fired up, the boys create a big scene until the bouncers are ordered to throw them out of the Club. Meanwhile, Martha is in tears, disgusted at herself.

Cam takes her home to help her calm down but the situation only gets out of hand again when Sally, Ric, Brad, Tony and Jack arrive on the door step. Sally is distressed for not seeing that Martha’s situation with Cam had got so out of control. Sally begs Martha to come home but Martha won’t budge. Her family start flinging criticism at Cam, which only makes Martha dig her heels in further. Once they are gone, Martha is defiant and tells Cam she will keep dancing for him. Cam smiles – he’s won!

The next morning, everyone is getting geared up for Peter and Amanda’s wedding – including Kelli and Ethan. Ethan reassures Kelli everything is in place – D-Day has arrived! Unbeknownst to her sister’s evil plans, Amanda is getting ready for her big day – and she couldn’t be happier.

Guests start to arrive at the gardens and take their seats. Peter nervously takes his place up the front. The music begins and everyone turns to see a radiant Amanda walking down the aisle. Amanda joins Peter at the alter, the two gazing into each other’s eyes – their love so strong. They exchange their loving and heart felt vows and everyone cheers as they are pronounced husband and wife.

The newlyweds are blissfully happy but as the applause subsides, one single, slow clap can be heard. Everyone turns to see Ethan of to the side. Amanda is shocked and shoots a panicked look to Kelli. Ethan tells everyone to look under the chairs. Everyone does as they’re instructed and are horrified to discover a photo of Amanda and Ethan in bed together.

Peter’s stomach drops when he sees the image. Amanda begs him to believe it’s not what it looks like but without a word, Peter storms off, leaving a devastated Amanda in his wake.