Episode 4383

Australian Air Date: 28th March 2007

Amanda and Peter try to come to terms with the aftermath of their wedding day disaster. James’s addiction leads him to make a massive mistake.

Extended Summary

There is huge uproar and shock as the wedding guests disperse. Amanda has collapsed in a teary, distraught mess. She can’t believe her perfect life with Peter has come to such a disastrous end. Drew and Dan fire up at Ethan. Belle and Leah struggle to hold back the boys as Ethan slinks away. Belle’s heart breaks for her mother as she and Kelli take Amanda home. But out of sight, a satisfied smile breaks across Kelli’s face – her plan so far has been a success.

Meanwhile, Leah and Dan are trying to calm Drew, who has discovered Belle knew about Amanda’s infidelity. Peter approaches from behind and pulls up short at the mention that people knew and never said anything. Drew’s anger spills over and he storms across to Amanda’s house. Drew absolutely rips in to Amanda for cheating on his Dad – and then tells Belle it’s over because she lied to him. Amanda goes into damage control and goes to visit Peter. She delivers a heartfelt apology but Peter insists no words will change a thing – she’s lost him for good.

Kim is reeling following Kit’s announcement she doesn’t want him present at the birth of their baby. Only adding fuel to the fire, Kit reveals she wants James there instead. Kim storms off, angered by the fact he is being pushed aside. Kim confronts James and clearly things are very tense. James returns home, agitated after his run-in with Kim. He stumbles across and old bag of pot and although he knows he shouldn’t, James decides to have one last smoke to calm his nerves.

Kit returns home to find a very chilled out James. He insists he is just tired but when his phone rings and it’s the hospital wanting him to do a shift, he feels he has no way out of it. James tries to sharpen himself up a bit as he arrives for his shift. Rachel gives him some instructions to administer a patient with their medication. Some time later, the alarm bells start ringing – a patient has gone into cardiac arrest.

Nurse Julie and Rachel rush to the patient’s side where James is giving CPR. James manages to revive her and the others congratulate him on a job well done for saving a patient’s life. But James is deeply rattled, knowing full well that was a close call and all because of his lack of concentration. James heads home, as Rachel continues to work away at the Nurses’ station. Nurse Julie approaches, with the news the patient nearly died because she was administered the wrong medication. Rachel’s heart drops as she realises it was James who caused the accident.

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