Episode 4384

Australian Air Date: 29th March 2007

Kit is faced with a terrifying situation when James loses control. Cassie and Matilda start their first day with the help-line.

Extended Summary

Rachel arrives on James and Kit’s doorstep. James suspects immediately what her visit is regarding. James reluctantly admits he is responsible for the accident. James hesitates when Rachel questions if he was stoned and it’s enough for Rachel to realise he was. Rachel insists he must now face the consequences.

James is pacing nervously when Kit arrives home and is faced with telling her the bad news. Kit is beside herself when James reveals he’s been smoking again. Hurt that he lied to her, she storms out. Unable to believe what James has done, Kit sees Kim on the beach, Kim is angry that James has hurt her like this. Meanwhile, a nervous James faces the hospital CEO, Geoff Olivetti. Geoff insists his mistake was not an accident but more so, negligence due to being under the influence of drugs. Olivetti then breaks the news that James is suspended and his nursing career remains in serious doubt.

Kim is on his way home when he spots James up ahead having a smoke. Kim charges up and shoves him. Kim is unforgiving and insists James is not to go anywhere near Kit or his baby. Kim’s outburst fuels James’ paranoia that Kit is going to leave him. James returns home and frantically starts searching for Kit, but she is nowhere to be seen. In a worked up frenzy, James begins trashing the house. Kit arrives home not long after and is shocked to discover the house in a mess. A highly agitated James locks the door behind Kit and tells her she’s not going anywhere. Kit is scared that James is well and truly out of control.

Cassie is all geared up for the opening of the help line. She introduces Matilda to Bryan, the school counsellor. Time ticks by and Cassie is starting to feel a little nervous that nobody has called.

Suddenly, the phone rings but Cassie is disappointed when it turns out to be a prank call. The day passes them by and Cassie is glum that things haven’t gone as well as expected. Bryan and the girls pack up and lock the room. But a few moments after they’ve gone, the phone begins to ring. There is somebody out there who needs help – and Cassie has just missed them.

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