Episode 4385

Australian Air Date: 30th March 2007

A psychotic James puts Kit and her baby in jeopardy. Tensions surface when Rachel tells Kim she wants to help James. Cassie bends the rules to help someone in need.

Extended Summary

Kit is highly alarmed as an irrational and distressed James begins to barricade the house. Matilda arrives home and hears the commotion inside. She peeps through the window and is shocked when James yells at her. Matilda races to get help from Kim and Rachel. When they arrive, James is ranting about Kit never leaving him. But Kit, meanwhile, is clutching her head as she is overwhelmed by a severe migraine. Rachel tries to reason with James but to no avail. Kim takes over and barges through the door. Rachel races to Kit’s side and calls an ambulance as James is left cowering in the corner like a scared animal.

Kit is taken to hospital and there is relief all round as the doctors deliver the news she and the baby are going to be just fine. Kim questions if James is going to be moved to the psych ward but Rachel explains she’s agreed to take him on as a patient. Kim fires up in disbelief she would do that after everything he did to Kit. Rachel insists James needs help and she’s not going to give up on him – no matter what Kim says. She storms off, leaving Kim reeling.

It’s late at night and Sally has been doing some marking at the school whilst Cassie has been catching up on homework. Realising she’s left her mobile in the counselling classroom, Cassie darts off to grab it. Cassie is pulled up short by the sudden ringing of the help-line. She hesitates, not knowing whether she should answer it but then decides to take the call. Thinking she’s got another prank caller, Cassie is about to hang up when she hears a faint and desperate voice on the other end of the line from a young woman named Lily. Cassie hears Sally approaching and quickly gives Lily her mobile number before hanging up.

Cassie returns home and Lily calls. Cassie is alarmed to discover Lily is being beaten by her boyfriend. Lily becomes scared and hangs up. Realising she is out of her depth, Cassie reluctantly admits to Sally and Dan what she has done and they are far from pleased Cassie broke the rules. Later, Lily calls again and arranges to meet up with Cassie alone. Cassie is alarmed to see Lily is covered in bruises. Lily is slowly opening up but then she spots Dan sitting in a car nearby. Hurt that Cassie has betrayed her trust, Lily races off. Cassie is immediately worried Lily will never call back and go on being abused. Sally and Dan insist it’s not her fault – she did what she could to help.

The next morning, Cassie is getting ready for school when her mobile starts ringing. Much to Cassie’s relief, it’s Lily. Cassie promises not to tell anyone from now on about their calls – it’s their secret. What’s Cassie getting herself into?

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