Episode 4386

Australian Air Date: 2nd April 2007

Peter struggles to move on with his life. Frustration grows for Belle as Drew continues to hold a grudge. Kelli sets Amanda and Ryan up for a fatal fall.

Extended Summary

Dan, Leah & Drew are concerned about Peter since the collapse of his wedding. Drew can’t understand why he isn’t angry with Amanda – telling her off for being such a cow! Dan thinks they just need to give him some time out. He’ll deal with this in his own way. Ryan wanders in – he wants to go to a mate’s party tonight – but Dan says he’s going to his mum’s, it’s up to her. Ryan makes it clear he doesn’t want to see her. Dan reminds him that despite their feelings, Amanda is still his mum, that doesn’t change. At Amanda’s, she’s up early cleaning up, wanting the place tidy for when Ryan arrives. She doesn’t want her son seeing how she’s been over the past few days – a wreck. Ryan comes first. She gives Kelli a hug, thanking her for being there lately, as Dan arrives with Ryan. Ryan is distant with her – he wants to go to his mate’s sleep over, now. Amanda’s hurt – Kelli takes Ryan to his friends place and Amanda can only blame herself. Back home, Drew asks Peter when he’s going to get his stuff from Amanda’s. Give her a serve, she deserves it. He makes it clear that this is none of Drew’s business – but Drew explains it’s killing him to see his Dad go through so much grief. Will Peter muster the strength to confront Amanda?

At the Diner, Colleen hands Belle her letter of resignation from cleaning Amanda’s house – she wants nothing to do with her after treating Detective Baker so horribly. Belle gives Colleen an earful – she’s a gossip with a massive mouth. Leah tries to break up the fray as Colleen is shocked by Belle’s words. In on this enters Irene, she’s back in town and wondering what the flippin’ heck is going on?! The girls fill her in on the details, while Belle and Colleen continue to snipe at each other. Irene wonders if Belle & Drew are back on? Belle explains they were, now they’re not because Drew’s angry she knew about the Ethan incident before the wedding and didn’t tell him. This as Drew enters. Belle wonders why he hasn’t called? He lets her know he doesn’t want to see her – so Belle leaves it – whatever. Irene takes it upon herself to play doctor love. She tries to get Drew to see this scenario from Belle’s perspective – but he doesn’t want to hear it. Then Ethan strolls into the Diner – Leah tells him to get out as Drew shoves him. Tony steps in as it gets heated. Leah’s concerned about the impact this is all having on Drew – he’s not a happy camper.

Meanwhile, a courier delivers a package to Peter – it’s a wedding gift for him and Amanda from his parents. After a moment of thought, he grabs his car keys and heads to Amanda’s. She’s surprised to see him – he makes it clear he’s here to pick up his stuff, that’s it. Amanda pleads for forgiveness, Peter doesn’t respond and heads upstairs to start packing. Kelli returns from dropping off Ryan, questioning Peter’s car out front – then he emerges with his stuff as Amanda pleads once more. Peter lets her know that as far as he’s concerned, she doesn’t exist to him anymore. Amanda crumbles into Kelli’s arms. She eventually pulls herself together and gets Kelli to help her dump all the wedding gifts into a charity bin – no more reminders of Peter. Ethan strolls up and makes a snide remark to Amanda – Kelli steps in and tells him to rack off, then Ethan hits home by calling Amanda cheap & pathetic – there isn’t a person in this town who doesn’t know it. Again, Amanda’s emotions are in tatters.

Drew arrives home to find Peter unpacking his stuff from Amanda’s – he thanks Drew for showing him he needed to get it out of the way – stop avoiding it all. Seeing Amanda made him realize how pathetic she is. Now it’s time for me to get back to work. I can’t mope around forever. Drew is impressed at his dad’s turn around, as Belle appears at the door. She wants to know how long the silent treatment is going to go on? Belle explains that she promised her mum she’d keep a confidence, which she did, and it’s not like Drew’s never cheated before. Peter returns to see what the fuss is about as Belle dashes out. Why can’t Drew get over this? Peter tries to encourage him to visit Belle to sort it out – he appreciates his son’s support, but doesn’t need him being angry on his behalf. If Drew wants his r’ship over – he’s going the right way about it. Time to take your own advice mate. At the Diner, Belle is carrying out the fryer oil when Ethan appears and mock cracks onto Belle. She tells him he’s scum and hurls the oil over him. In the distance, Drew has seen this take place and smiles to himself – impressed – then walks away. Is this the beginning of the ice thawing between them?

That night, Amanda is having drinks with Kelli, bemoaning her crappy life, then gets a call from Ryan. He’s upset – the kids are teasing him about her. Feeling shocking, Amanda grabs her keys, she’s going to pick him up. Should she be driving? Kelli’s concerned, she’s had a bit to drink. But Amanda heads out. As she’s flying along to Ryan, a car ahead has its high beams on. She’s blinded, loses control and crashes into a ditch. The driver of the other car is Peter! He races over to see Amanda’s lifeless body slumped over the steering wheel! Is she dead?! Has Peter killed Amanda?!

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