Episode 4381

Australian Air Date: 26th March 2007

The guys get more than their fair share of surprises on Peter’s bucks night. Kelli’s plans for Amanda are almost blown out of the water when a letter arrives from their mother.

Extended Summary

Colleen is busy cleaning Amanda’s house in preparation for Amanda’s hen’s night. The door bell rings and a courier delivers a letter for Amanda from Kitty. Kelli comes in and Colleen informs her about the letter. Kelli’s heart skips a beat, in fear her mother is about to reveal all in the letter. But she hits panic mode when she realises Belle picked up the letter earlier on with all the other wedding telegrams.

The ladies start arriving for the hen’s night and Kelli is still frantic she has not found Belle. When Belle finally arrives, Kelli spots the unopened letter sticking out of her bag. Kelli moves to grab it just as Colleen announces to the group that a letter arrived for Amanda. Amanda is instantly curious as she takes the letter from Kelli’s hand but Kelli’s sick to the stomach, fearing the worst.

Amanda becomes emotional as she reads out the apology letter from Kitty explaining her reasons for not being at the wedding – she received an acting job overseas she couldn’t refuse. Kelli breathes a massive sigh of relief – her secret is still safe…for now.

Meanwhile, the boys are enjoying a few beers at Dan’s house for Peter’s buck’s night. They hear the sound of car horn beeping in the driveway and Dan announces it’s time for Peter’s big surprise. The boys pile onto the mini bus and head to the Rocket Club. Making the connection that this is the place Martha works at, Ric and Brad move to the bar and ask Cindy where Martha is. Cindy says that she will be out soon, the music starts up.

Dan rallies up the boys to find their seats close to the stage. The lights come up and the guys cheer and clap at the sight of a sexily dressed woman on stage with her back facing them. But the cheering quickly turns to shock as the woman spins around and it’s Martha!

Martha looks down and spots the group – uh-oh busted!