Episode 4380

Australian Air Date: 23rd March 2007

Martha falls into Cam’s trap. Kelli resorts to near fatal measures to keep her plans under wraps. Kitty sacrifices her daughter’s happiness to save herself.

Extended Summary

Kitty is in shock after hearing Kelli’s conversation on the phone – she tries to sneak out before Kelli realises what she’s heard and in the process knocks over a vase. Kelli ends the call quickly and Kitty covers saying she’s just walked in, forgot her handbag, then flees. Kitty finds Amanda at the Diner and subtly asks if she’s been getting along with her sister? Amanda says it’s better than ever. Concerned, Kitty returns to the house – no ones around – so she goes through Kelli’s bag, finds her mobile and sees the last call was made to an ‘Ethan’. Kelli catches her out, demanding to know what she’s up to? Kitty tells her she knows what she’s up to – but why?

Kelli reveals her true bitterness toward Amanda, to which Kitty gives her an ultimatum – either she calls off her evil plans or Kitty will tell Amanda everything. Realising her mother’s financial strife, Kelli offers her mum $80K to keep quiet. Kitty stays strong, the money won’t change her mind.

Knowing she has to act fast, Kelli gets her mothers blood pressure pills and heavily spikes her a drink. She collapses and Kelli lets her know that she will kill her, if required, to get back at Amanda! Amanda returns to the house and wonders where mum is? Kelli explains she went for a nap. Then Amanda is given a note Kitty has gone. We then see Kitty meeting with Ethan, taking the money and agreeing to keeping quiet. She then sadly gets into a car and leaves the Bay…

Meanwhile, Cass and Sally talk about how much they miss Martha – when she arrives at the door. She and Cam are here to pick up the last of Martha’s things. Alf calls and Sally has to explain that Martha’s moved out. He demands to talk to her and lets her know if she’s going to do this – he wants a months rent in advance, hoping this will be too difficult for her.

Cam offers to cover this for her until her pay comes through. She happily accepts – then Cam learns his head dancer has pulled out of that night’s show. They have a huge crowd of business men who’ve pre-booked tickets and he needs a replacement fast. Martha feels for him – can she help? Cam asks if she’d mind dancing just for the nights’ show? She lets Cam know she wouldn’t feel comfortable and he seems to accept this with good grace.

Later that night, Martha turns up for her shift at the Club, to find everyone in low spirits. Cam still hasn’t found a replacement dancer, meaning the whole night will fall through. He gets snappy with Martha and admits he’s disappointed that she won’t fill in, considering how supportive he’s been of her lately. Martha agrees to help him, out of sheer guilt, and doesn’t feel right about her decision.

Martha looks hot in her outfit, despite her intense nerves. Cam gives her a drink and a big pep talk – she’ll be amazing up there, no question about it. As soon as Martha sets foot on stage, it’s wolf whistles all round. Cindy leans into Cam as Martha starts dancing – she can’t believe that Martha fell for the made up story! Cam grins to himself – this girl is going to make him a lot of money…