Episode 4379

Australian Air Date: 22nd March 2007

Kitty arrives in the Bay and Kelli is immediately concerned. Lucas makes a positive step towards overcoming his bitterness toward Belle.

Extended Summary

Lucas, Mattie and Ric wake to find the storm has subsided. They pack & leave as Drew & Belle huddle together on the edge of the cliff – unable to climb to safety. Lucas is following Mattie and Ric, fuming about last night’s fight with Belle – Lucas yells out to Ric to slow down and Drew hears the raised voices – they are coming closer! Drew begins to yell out to them for help and it’s Lucas who follows the cries to find the couple on the ledge. Lucas lowers a rope to Belle and demands she keep her eyes on him and to not look down. He saves her and with Ric’s help they also get Drew to safety. It’s an awkward moment at the top as Belle realises that Lucas saved them…

The group arrive home and fill Tony & Colleen of their ordeal. Tony reprimands them for letting Drew & Belle wander off like that – they could’ve been killed. Lucas is reluctant to reveal his heroic deed. Later at home, Lucas finds a letter for him – it’s from the writing comp – he’s won first prize. After his initial reaction of happiness, he thinks of Belle and her entering him without his permission and screws up the letter, putting it in the bin.

Tony later finds it, looks for Lucas and bumps into Mattie & Ric – why would he throw away such an amazing opportunity? They fill Tony in and find Lucas. He doesn’t want Belle’s conscience relieved. Belle learns from Colleen of Lucas’ win and congratulates him, which only infuriates Lucas even further. Tony gives him an earful – it’s time he stopped being spiteful about this break-up and looked at what he can gain from this. Lucas realises his dad’s right. He apologises to Belle and encouraged by her, calls the competition board and accepts his prize – a place at writer’s camp.

Meanwhile, Kelli & Ethan meet. She’s happy that Amanda’s been miserable for weeks now – and this isn’t even the climax of her pain! Back at Amanda’s, Kitty arrives, much to Amanda’s shock – she’s in tears. The play in London fell through, Kitty’s agent is being followed for tax evasion and he’s run off with all of her money. She’s having to let go of her house keeper, Joan, sell the house – she’s a mess.

Amanda and Peter calm her down, insisting they will get a good lawyer to sort the mess. Kelli arrives home and is mortified to see her mother. Kitty explains she and Kelli had a falling out a few months back. Kelli asks that Kitty keep her mouth shut about Kelli’s unresolved anger toward Amanda, in fear her plans will be foiled, and tells her mum that she has had extensive counselling and has dealt with her issues toward her sister. She’s moved in with her to try and regain their relationship.

Later on, Kitty is going for a walk and sees Kelli with Ethan and thinks it’s all a bit suss. She assumes Ethan must be a stripper Kelli’s organised for Amanda’s hens night. Little does she know… Kitty is absolutely gob smacked when she over hears Kelli having a phone conversation with Ethan and it is clear what Kelli’s plans are to ruin her sister’s big day!