Episode 4365

Australian Air Date: 2nd March 2007

Sally is overwhelmed by Brad’s revelation at the hospital ball. Drew and Belle finally admit their true feelings for each other. Danger is lurking for Sam and Jack when an unexpected visitor arrives in town.

Extended Summary

Colleen is at the door of Surf Club, welcoming everyone inside for the Hospital Ball. Belle feels a pang of jealousy as she enters and sees Drew and Lisa together. On the other side of the room, Rachel and Kim are chatting about Kit and James. They comment on how well things are going between them and Kim couldn’t be happier. Meanwhile, Kit is at home – she’s skipped the Ball because she’s not feeling well. There’s a knock at the door and she’s surprised to see James standing there with some champagne flutes and mineral water. She smiles at the gesture – maybe this won’t be such a boring night after all.

The party continues and everyone is having a great time on the dance floor except for Lucas, who is having a chat to Drew about Belle’s weird behaviour. Drew is quietly suspicious that Belle is behaving that way because she still has feelings for him. Colleen grabs the microphone and takes to the stage. She invites Brad and Rachel up on stage and Sally is instantly curious what they are up to. Brad explains he received a large sum of money from Emily’s estate and with that has funded a new training fellowship – The Flynn Saunders Fellowship. There is a huge ovation but no one is blown away more than Sally, Cassie and Ric. Brad moves off to give Sally a kiss – this is the beginning of their new life together and they couldn’t be happier.

Meanwhile, Kit and James are hitting it off, reminiscing and laughing. Their eyes lock and slowly they lean in for a kiss. Kit is surprised she’s rediscovering romance when she least expected it. James reassures her he wants to give their relationship another chance and realises the understanding required because she’s having Kim’s baby. She agrees. Another happy couple. Belle is trying her best to stay focused on Lucas as they dance closely. Lisa spots Drew watching them and moves over to confront him. Lisa questions if Drew is still in love with her and the sheer fact he says nothing is enough to confirm Lisa’s fear. Lisa starts to make a scene in front of everyone before grabbing a drink and throwing it in his face. Everyone watches on stunned, but no one more so than Belle. After some time, Belle quietly approaches Drew to find out what happened. Drew bites the bullet and admits he’s still in love with her. Belle stares at him in stunned silence before revealing she feels exactly the same way. Their hearts soar and both are filled with joy and relief.

Outside the Surf Club, Jack embraces Sam, telling her he is truly sorry for missing Rory’s race and will try and not let her and Rory down again. Their relationship is now back on track. But unbeknownst to them, from a distance Rusty is watching their every move. He takes out his phone and tells the person on the other end that he’s got a positive ID on Sam and her whereabouts. Sam and Jack walk away, oblivious to the dangers that awaits them.