Episode 4366

Australian Air Date: 5th March 2007

Kit & James are really hitting it off… again. A picnic goes horribly wrong when Sam’s past returns to haunt her. Revenge is sweet for Lisa and devastating for Lucas.

Extended Summary

Drew is sitting in the Gym, alone, while the Ball continues in the Surf Club. His shirt is wet from the drink Lisa threw at him, when Belle appears and closes the door. They stare at each other intently, full of longing. She admits she tried to make it work with Lucas and thought it was the right thing to do – seeing as Drew had already moved on, she didn’t see the point in letting Drew know how she really felt. Drew admits to doing the same thing. They’ve missed each other so much – but nothing can happen until Belle tells Lucas it’s over. She promises to do it first thing in the morning. It’s couple-ville at the Hunter House – Sam and Jack are back on track, as Rachel and Kim drop in to see how Kit’s night was – as it turns out it was great. James came over to hang out and Kit couldn’t be happier.

The next morning, the gang show up at the Surf Club during the after party clean up. Sam and Jack suggest a picnic and all agree it’s a great idea. Unseen by all, Rusty is lurking near the door way and hears the plans of today’s gathering. Meanwhile, Belle drops by to Lucas’ before school, planning to break up with him – but he’s too stressed finishing an assignment and can’t bring herself to do it. She returns home to find Drew waiting for her and admits she chickened out. Belle just hopes Lisa doesn’t say anything to him first, so Drew decides to have a word to her. He finds Lisa at the Juice Bar and she’s not in the mood to talk – Drew’s a liar. He pleads for Lisa to keep it to herself. Yes, he and Belle have decided to be together, but Belle wants to tell Lucas before he finds out any other way. Will she keep her mouth shut? She races to Lucas’ house as he’s packing his school bag – we need to talk.


Lisa lets him know that Belle’s still in love with Drew and she’s using him. Lucas thinks she’s mad – she’s just trying to get back at Drew.


She leaves him with food for thought… Luc finds Belle at school and confronts her about what Lisa shared. Is it true? Belle is thrown and denies it, immediately relieving Lucas – the bell rings – he’s gotta run. Belle knows she’s just made things so much worse. Lisa approaches Lucas after class – did he talk to Belle? He tells her Belle denied it, he knew Lisa was lying. She’s annoyed, but tells Lucas she’ll prove it to him. In class, it’s Lisa’s turn to do her presentation. She hooks up her camera to the TV and shows a photograph to the class of Belle and Drew kissing earlier that day. Lucas is stunned and Belle is horrified. She tries to explain to Lucas, but he rushes out as Lisa takes in the scene. Revenge is sweet.

Picnic supplies are being sorted at the Juice Bar, there’s enough to feed an army. Kit, James, Rachel, Kim, Jack and Sam are all ready to go – but again, Rusty is lurking in the background. What’s going on? At the picnic site, James helps Kit onto a blanket to relax as the baby starts kicking. Sam decides to head to the car for another blanket and we see Rusty is watching on. Kit then hurries over to Sam – she needs to go to the toilet, again! Rusty is frustrated, wanting to get Sam on her own. Jack throws the idea of moving out together to Sam – she’s shocked, but pleased. She’d love to! But he’ll have to get Rory’s permission too – they share a kiss, as Rusty watches on. Sam later moves off to fill the water bottle near the toilet block, right near where Rusty is hiding. She recognizes him straight away as one of her ex husbands dodgy associates. He steps forward to grab her, but Sam dodges away. She starts screaming out loudly to Jack as she runs towards the nearby bush as fast as she can – and Rusty is hot on her heels….