Episode 4364

Australian Air Date: 1st March 2007

Belle begins to realise Kelli isn’t as lovely as she looks. Sam is upset when Jack lets Rory down in a big way. Sam’s past catches up with her.

Extended Summary

Still reeling from Amanda’s announcement, Kelli does some serious back pedalling to convince Amanda she is making a mistake. Kelli insists she should keep quiet to avoid gaol, at least for Ryan and Belle’s sake. Amanda eventually buckles and agrees to keep Ethan’s ‘death’ a secret.

Later back at home, Amanda is having a heart to heart with Belle. She decides to bite the bullet and tell her all but the moment is interrupted by Kelli who realises what Amanda is about to do. Belle demands to know what is going on and Kelli jumps in, revealing Amanda is feeling guilty because she cheated on Peter. Belle is shocked but insists she will support her Mum no matter what. Belle later comments to Kelli she thinks Amanda is confused and maybe she should come clean with Peter. Kelli snaps and tells her to keep her mouth shut. Belle is taken aback by the new side to her lovely aunty. Kelli’s façade is beginning to chip away.

Preparations for the Hospital Ball are in full swing at the Surf Club. Colleen barks orders to Kim and Jack who are trying their best to string up lights whilst Rachel and Irene help decorate. Meanwhile, Sam is helping Rory get ready for his big event in the surf Carnival. As the clock ticks by he becomes more anxious that Jack hasn’t arrived yet. Back inside Jack checks his watch and in a panic races down to the beach – but it’s too late – Rory’s race is over.

Rory is deeply upset and Sam warns Jack never to let her son down like that again. Back at home, Jack realises he’s in the doghouse and tries to patch things over. He insists Rory and Sam are his number one priority. Sam softens and says she only wants them to be a family with no more problems. But little does she know that down at Surf Club, Rusty approaches Colleen with a photo of Sam and insists he is trying to track down his friend. Colleen, of course, gives him all the details he needs. Colleen bustles off but once she’s out of sight, Rusty takes another look at the photo with a sinister smile – he’s one step closer.