Episode 4363

Australian Air Date: 28th February 2007

Martha’s behaviour becomes out of control. An old face comes back to haunt Amanda. Amanda threatens Kelli she’s turning herself in to the police.

Extended Summary

It’s early morning and Martha moves onto the beach looking worse for wear. She strips down to her underwear and jumps into the water, determined to wash away the night before and her own feeling of self loathing. Martha returns to the Surf Club to straighten up the place and hide the four empty bottles of wine before Tony arrives.

Martha returns home as Alf is finishing up a phone call. He delivers the news his sister, Celia, has had a stroke and he needs to be there for her. Alf prepares to gather his things to go overseas.

Later, Martha and Alf head to the Surf Club. Alf is all packed and ready to go. Tony reassures Alf everything will be taken care of with the business while he is away. Irene arrives to take Alf to the airport. He wraps Martha in a big hug before moving off. Tony and Martha begin tidying up but she is snapped out of her reverie when Tony insists he will take out the garbage. Martha races over, but it’s too late, Tony has discovered the four empty wine bottles – she’s just been busted again! Tony reads her the riot act and insists he will not tolerate her drinking on the job or otherwise they will lose their licence. Tony moves off, leaving Martha on the verge of tears – confused by her need to hide the truth for her behaviour.

Amanda is heading back from the Diner with lunch supplies when she is stopped dead in her tracks by the sight of Ethan in the distance. She can’t believe her eyes. Kelli approaches from behind and sees the state Amanda is in. She smiles to herself, satisfied her and Ethan’s plan is working and now they’ve got Amanda so rattled she thinks she’s seeing ghosts.

The night passes and Amanda can’t sleep she is so tormented. Kelli clocks her mood and reassures her everything will be okay. But Amanda isn’t so certain and drops the bombshell she is going to turn herself in to the police. Kelli’s blood runs cold – this was not part of her plan.

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