Episode 4362

Australian Air Date: 27th February 2007

Ric is finally freed from gaol after a dramatic showdown with Johnny. Martha tries to escape her problems with the help of a stranger.

Extended Summary

Matilda, Cassie and Lucas are desperately bringing Peter up to speed on the latest developments with Ric. They explain that Ric had someone follow Johnny to the phones, after Guard Jones’ tip-off and discovered Johnny rang one of the gang members, Jase, to tell him to pull his head in. Matilda insists this is the guy that killed Rocco. Peter is at first sceptical but Alf makes a heartfelt plea to at least check it out. Peter and McGrath arrive at Jase’s house with some other officers in tow. Jase answers the door and panics. He immediately turns on his heel and bolts towards the back door. Peter gives chase and brings Jase to the ground. They begin their search of the premises and Peter discovers a piece of blood staining cloth in the incinerator out the back. He bags up the evidence and drags Jase back to the Station for questioning. Forensics return the results and sure enough, the blood stain on the cloth matches Rocco’s. Guard Jones is also brought in for questioning and in no time – the truth is revealed.

Meanwhile, Johnny has caught wind of the latest developments on the outside and hunts down Ric. Johnny threatens Ric the worst is yet to come, as he and his thugs corner him. Ric can’t believe his luck as a guard appears in the nick of time and takes him to the Governor’s office. There he is met with the news the police have found the evidence to prove his innocence and are fast tracking his release.

Ric is sent to the infirmary in the mean time to lay low until his release papers are processed. He is sound asleep when suddenly the curtains are ripped back and he is greeted by the evil stare of Johnny. Ric desperately looks around but there’s not a guard in sight. Johnny launches himself at Ric. He rains blows but suddenly Johnny is tackled to the ground and hauled off by the guards. Ric is escorted out of the prison, Ric turns to see Johnny staring at him from the yard. Johnny knows he’s been beaten, as Ric turns his back and walks away. Ric is met by his relieved family. They shower each other in hugs, unable to believe Ric’s day of freedom has arrived.. The nightmare is finally over.

Martha forces herself to push on after being caught for drinking behind the bar. She passes Cam, a customer who has been doing his best to charm her. They strike up a conversation which is cut short by the yelling of a couple of impatient customers waiting to be served. Cam watches on as Martha struggles with the demands and in no time, jumps behind the bar to help. Martha watches on amazed by Cam’s cheekiness – but maybe this is the fun she needed after the lousy day she’s had. Later in the evening it’s closing time and Martha finally gives into to Cam’s persistence and sits down with him to have a drink. But in no time, one drink becomes a few and Martha, now in party mood, turns up the music to dance. She beckons Cam to dance with her and doesn’t waste any time wrapping her arms around him. Together, they begin to dance which leads to a kiss. Things quickly heat up as they move beyond a point of no return.

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