Episode 4361

Australian Air Date: 26th February 2007

Matilda, Lucas and Cassie concoct a plan to get Ric out of gaol. Martha is caught drinking on the job.

Extended Summary

Ric is released from the infirmary but as he makes his way back into the prison yard, he spots Guard Jones chatting and laughing with Johnny. Ric is left convinced that Guard Jones has been involved in the corruption all along. Ric contacts Alf with the latest info and urges his Granddad to speak with the Governor. Alf does so, but the outcome is not good as the Governor slams the accusations that his guards are corrupt. Alf’s heart breaks as he reports back to Ric that things did not go well. Hope is fading for poor Ric.

That is until, Matilda, Cassie and Lucas band together with an idea of their own to help Ric. Dressed as a gang member, bearing the same tattoo, Lucas approaches Guard Jones in the prison car park and advises he has an important message for Johnny. Guard Jones is immediately alarmed by Lucas’ message that the person responsible for Rocco’s murder is about to go to the police. Guard Jones races back inside the prison to tell Johnny the news which leaves them both panicking.

Meanwhile, Cassie, Matilda and Lucas wait with baited breath for news from Ric as to whether their plan has worked. Suddenly, the phone rings but Alf reaches it first and is surprised by what Ric is telling him on the other end of the line. Alf, Lucas, Cassie and Matilda race to the police station and urgently request to speak to Peter – but will their breakthrough be enough to get Ric out of gaol?

Martha distractedly works away behind the bar – still struggling with her decision to have an abortion. The moment is only made more awkward when the phone rings and it is the clinic urging her to make a follow up appointment. Tony clocks her agitation but leaves her to her own. Once out of sight, Martha reaches for a bottle of whiskey and pours a glass. A short time later, Martha who’s now slightly tipsy, backchats a customer. Tony arrives to witness the exchange but as he moves around the counter, he spots the glass and immediately realises Martha has been drinking on the job again. Busted! Tony tries to encourage Martha to open up – but Martha covers the truth by insisting she is upset about Ric’s situation. Martha promises it will never happen again. Tony accepts this and moves off. Martha breathes a sigh of relief – her secret is still’ safe…for now.

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