Episode 4348

Australian Air Date: 7th February 2007

Macca is disappointed to learn Cassie’s true feelings about their life in the city. Martha is devastated when Jack reveals the truth about Ash. Jack and Sam’s relationship goes from strength to strength.

Extended Summary

Jack is horrified at the fact Ash has lied to Martha again and hasn’t ended his marriage with Rianna. He can’t believe it – he has a fantastic woman who loves and trusts him – she deserves better. Tell her the truth, you owe her that much. Ash finds Martha and is going to tell her, but she’s so upset about Ric’s arrest for Murder, that he can’t bring himself to do it. Jack discovers he still hasn’t told her and knows what he has to do. He finds Martha, he knows this is going to hurt like hell, but he has no choice. She knows something is up as he apologises for having to be the one to do this. Martha reacts angrily at Jack revealing Ash’s lies – she can’t believe it to be true. She heads to the Station and is told Ash has taken the day off. Reeling, Martha drives to Ash’s house and sees his car in the driveway. She approaches the house and knocks. Rianna answers, surprised to see her and lets Martha inside. Martha sees Ash playing with his kids and turns, stunned to see her standing there. Without much to say, Martha turns and runs out, with Ash close behind. He tries to explain, but Martha has seen that Jack was telling her the truth, unlike Ash. She tells him to go back to his family. They all deserve a lot better than this. Ash watches Martha drive off, feeling like dirt. He follows her back to the Bay to apologise, Martha lets him have it – then Ash reveals that the reason he hasn’t told Rianna is because she’s pregnant! He feels trapped and is sorry. Martha tells him to go back to his family. He isn’t sorry at all! Heartbreak, humiliation and anger – it’s over. Jack comforts Martha. She is consumed with self loathing – but can’t bring herself to cry. Not yet.


Cassie arrives back in the city from the Bay. Macca soon arrives home and he asks her what she got up to today? Cass doesn’t reveal her trip to the Bay and he wonders where the TV is? It was meant to get delivered today… She tells Macca about Rocco’s death this afternoon. He suggests they get to the Bay then. She forces a smile, clearly nervous about the lie she’s told. The next day, Macca is tidying up when the phone rings. It’s Sally calling to let Cass know she left her jumper behind when she was visiting yesterday. Macca puts two and two together – why has Cassie lied to him? She returns from the Gym and Macca confronts her about her visit to the Bay. She explains that she didn’t want to get into a fight with him, so kept it to herself. He would’ve understood – her families in a lot of pain right now and he’d hate to think she’s walking on eggshells to avoid him blowing up. Cass says that isn’t a concern, that’s in the past. Macca makes her dinner, wanting to do something nice for her. He loves her and wants her to be open with him, about everything. She smiles, tells him that she loves him and will forever. Macca serves up his special dinner – it’s a mess and Cassie laughs. She tastes it – it’s not that bad. These guys are closer than ever, despite their recent rift. Tony, Rory, Jack and Sam have just finished the gourmet meal Sam has made. Tony and Rory gather the plates to do the washing. Sam sits on Jack’s knee and gives him a kiss – the happy family together.

Ash is with his wife and kids. He’s pretending not to have a care in the world – but as Rianna moves off to the kitchen, we see the facade diminish. Ash looks glum – he knows he’s stuffed up big time and he hates himself for it.

A glum Martha arrives home to an empty house. She slumps and looks at the necklace Ash gave her. All the memories coming back. She takes it off and stares at it. Her mind on Ash and what might have been. She closes her fist around it and finally starts to cry. Ash is gone – all that hope and now there’s nothing and it really hurts.