Episode 4347

Australian Air Date: 6th February 2007

Rocco’s death leaves Ric in limbo. Jack learns of Ash’s betrayal. Brad tries to reason with Johnny, in attempt to free Ric.

Extended Summary

Ric is being arrested as we cut between his mug shots at the station and the slow, rhythmic thumping of a tennis ball been thrown against a wall of a prison cell. It’s Johnny Cooper throwing the ball against a newspaper article about Rocco’s coma – with a photo of Sally, Rocco and the Summer Bay House clan. A dark smile spreads across his face. At the Station, Mattie is panicked as Ric is taken into the holding cells – Alf is fuming as Peter calls the magistrate and Sally feels completely responsible – if only she hadn’t taken Rocco in to begin with… Alf gets a hold of Morag – she’s organising leave to take Ric’s case as Peter emerges to let them know bail has been set. Ric can go home after the paper work’s finished. They need a miracle to occur – Alf just hopes that Rocco wakes up so he can reveal the truth. Back at the house, all try to keep the mood as light as possible – Sal’s going to cook a roast, but Ric heads to his room. Matilda follows and knowing there’s nothing she can say to cheer him, simply lies beside him and holds him close. Brad, Alf and Sal discuss the fact that no DNA was found other than Ric’s, something doesn’t add up. Brad decides to go to the gaol to speak to Johnny – he might get him to slip up. The others are wary, but Brad promises to be careful. In the city, Cassie tells Macca she wants to visit Sally. Macca wants her to stay home, he’s arranged a TV to be delivered for her. She hesitates – okay, she’ll stay. He heads to work, leaving her alone once more in the lonely house… That afternoon, Sal calls and tells her what’s happened with Ric – Cassie leaps up, she’ll be on the next bus.

Johnny isn’t keen to talk to Brad – he tries to plead with him, explaining that the damage is done, he’s made his point – but he could clear his conscience by saving an innocent man from going to gaol. Johnny doesn’t have a problem with his conscience. He didn’t stick his nose into someone else’s business. Brad explains that Sal is still trying to help Rocco. Johnny doesn’t care – no one asked her to. When is Johnny going to see that he was the one who drove Rocco away? Johnny tells Brad to not worry about him, worry about his girlfriend – to which Brad flares and jumps at Johnny – if he or his gang go anywhere near Sally… Johnny calls for the guard – he’s trying to assault me officer! The guard tells Brad to go… Back at the house, Alf leaves Ric some food on a tray in his room. He quietly lets Ric know that whatever he’s feeling, he can open up to them, failing that, promise me you won’t give up – cause we’re not going to give up on you – we’re going to beat this thing. You’ll see. Cassie arrives as Alf tells her the fight seems to have just gone out of Ric. Jack arrives – is there anything I can do? Alf asks if he can help push the investigations along at the Station? He’ll try his best. As he’s leaving, he passes Martha and comments that it’s good Ash finally broke it off with Rianna. She thanks him for not judging her as he heads to work.

Jack arrives at the Station and offers to help – he’s still on payroll. Peter agrees he can look into Ric’s case, but doubts he’ll find anything. Ash grabs the files for him as Jack comments that he did the right thing ending it with Rianna. Ash simply says it’s been pretty tough. He moves off as Jack answers Ash’s desk phone and takes a message. He’s shocked at what he hears as Rianna leaves a message…

At the hospital, Rachel checks Rocco’s obs once again. There’s no sign of improvement – but then just as she’s leaving his room, a small movement catches her eye – Rocco’s hand begins to move – she asks him to squeeze her hand, and slowly but surely he does! Peter and Ash arrive as soon as they get the call – Rachel tells them to be patient – he’s only just woken and is very weak. Meanwhile, Brad returns to the house to report that Johnny was anything but helpful. Their sombre mood is broken with a phone call from Peter letting them know Rocco’s woken up. Alf’s thrilled as Mattie runs upstairs to tell Ric. He’s visibly relieved to hear this – finally his name can be cleared! Back at the Hospital, Peter is taken in to see Rocco. He asks him if he recalls who attacked him and Rocco, finding it difficult to speak, says that he can remember. He fights for air to get the words out, then Nurse Gloria calls that his blood pressure is dropping – they’re losing him again – Rocco tries to tell them who attacked him, but he’s hit with a bolt of pain and his eyes roll back. Rachel hits the arrest button, he’s gone into cardiac arrest. She grabs the defib paddles – its panic stations.

Peter heads to Summer Bay House – all are excited and wanting to know what Rocco’s told them – Ric’s smiling for the first time in days. Peter looks grim – hating to shatter their relief, but Rocco passed away. He’s sorry, but the charge against Ric is now murder!