Episode 4349

Australian Air Date: 8th February 2007

Kelli has a secret agenda for the engagement party. Belle struggles to appear unaffected by Drew’s new relationship. Tension rises to breaking point between Kim and Rachel.

Extended Summary

Kelli tells Ethan they haven’t got time to waste. It’s time to make Peter and Amanda’s engagement public. Kelli arrives as Amanda is taking off her engagement ring, not wanting the town to discover their news just yet. Kelli says it’s sad – why shouldn’t they celebrate their happiness openly? She convinces them that having an engagement party will be her gift to them. Eventually the couple come around to the idea. All they have to do is invite whoever they want. Kelli will take care of the rest. At the Diner, Belle walks in to see Drew and his new girlfriend, Lisa, flirting like mad. It sends a dagger through her heart. Dan also clocks the flirting and has a word to Drew – he hopes he knows what he’s doing. Wasn’t that long ago he was saying he loved Belle. Drew knows that – but Belle told him to move on, so that’s what he’s doing. Irene approaches Belle – is she alright? Belle admits that she wanted to tell Drew how she felt, but she was too late – he’s already moved on. They’re interrupted by Amanda and Peter entering and making an announcement for all to come to their house tonight for a party. What’s it for? They keep it a secret – you’ll have to turn up to find out – curious… Peter and Amanda return home and Amanda asks him to grab her address book from her bag – there’s more people to invite. As Peter does so, a piece of paper with Ethan’s number falls to the floor. He picks it up – Kelli watches with sick interest as Amanda fumbles and covers whose it is. Peter doesn’t even clock the weirdness. Phew. He moves off and Amanda explains how relieved she is – the last thing she wants is Peter thinking she’s cheating, when nothing happened at all. Kelli then calls Ethan – she needs him tonight. Back at the Diner, Belle and Drew cross each other. Small talk as Belle asks how things are with Lisa? Drew says great -you were right Taylor – it was time for me to move on. Belle’s heart breaks hearing this. He’ll see her tonight at this ‘secret’ party of their parents…

Rachel is smiling to herself as Kim gives her a foot massage – she thinks that this is great – but it would be even better on a beach. Kim agrees. Rachel pushes that they book their honeymoon then. As Rachel suggests they jump on the net tonight to find a good deal, Kim remembers that they have dinner at Kit’s tonight. She slumps as Kim goes to call her. Dinner with Kit is tense as she announces she’s decided to have a home birth. Rachel and Kit battle it out as Rachel thinks a hospital birth is preferable – less risks and it doesn’t cost the four grand a home birth will. Kim is pig in the middle as he takes in both sides – but ultimately, Kit is the one having the baby, it’s her choice. Rachel again feels totally ignored and is increasingly frustrated. When they get home, she can’t believe Kim is looking through the paper for another job to supplement saving for Kit’s home birth! They don’t see each other enough as it is. He explains he has no choice. He then comes up with a solution. Why don’t they use the honeymoon money to pay for the home birth, then re-save for their holiday? Rachel is gob-smacked that he’d even consider this an option and lets him know it. Kim doesn’t want them to fight – can’t she see the position he’s in here? Rachel hits the roof – what about the position she’s in?! Her own husband is putting his pregnant ex-girlfriends irrational needs ahead of their marriage. Fuming, Kim heads out, he’s had a gutful! How did things come to this?


The party is getting started and Amanda freaks right out to see that one of the catering staff is none other than Ethan, the guy who fixed her car, flirted with her and gave her his number! He can’t believe it either – what a coincidence! Kelli clocks the panic – what’s wrong? Amanda explains and Kel reassures her it’s nothing to worry about. Amanda asks Ethan to not tell Peter about their run in with the car – bemused he lets her know that if her marriage is going to work, she should want some trust to be there. Guests roll in and Belle arrives, determined to be okay with Drew and Lisa. She makes the effort, difficult as it is and Lisa soon clocks Drew checking out Belle for most of the night. She calls him on it. She doesn’t want to be seconds here – so make up your mind what you want and let me know. Lisa heads off, leaving Drew with much food for thought. Peter and Amanda gather everyone to let them know why they’re here – and Peter announces that he and Amanda are engaged. Mixed responses all around – Leah starts the applause trying to fill the awkward pause as Belle and Drew swap a look – what the?! They’ll be step brother and sister… Dan congratulates his brother, but checks to see if he’s sure? Peter confirms he’s the happiest he’s been in a long time. This is enough for Dan for now – but it’s quite a surprise. Amanda is still on damage control and freaks when she finds Ethan and Peter chatting away. She saves the moment as Ethan puts his foot in it, revealing he helped fix her car that week. Peter thanks him, thinking nothing of it. Phew. But Kelli is revelling in the fact her sister is losing the plot over this. Alone, Belle decides to toughen up and congratulates Drew on his relationship with Lisa. She goes on to say she’s really into Lucas too – so go for it with Lisa – I’m really happy for you. Drew is thrown, it’s not what he expected, or wanted to hear. He takes this news to Lisa who is waiting for him and he lets her know he’s made up his mind. He wants to be with her. Despite still being in love with Belle. But what can he do?