Episode 4350

Australian Air Date: 9th February 2007

Johnny’s appearance at Rocco’s funeral rattles everyone. Ric finds the determination to seek justice for Rocco. A shocking accident leaves Kit & Rachel’s lives hanging in the balance.

Extended Summary

Sally has just spoken to the hospital about Rocco’s funeral. It’s on today – because he has no family to pay, it’s a destitute funeral, an unmarked grave. Sal’s obviously saddened by this and has decided she wants to go to the service. Alf can’t believe her generosity. He nearly killed you! But Sal thinks that no one deserves an end like that. Brad will go with her, for support. Meanwhile, Ric tells Matilda that he thinks he’s just as bad as the guy that really killed Rocco cause he’s gotten away with it twice before and if the other guy hadn’t beaten him to it, he might’ve really killed Rocco himself. Mattie tells Sally what Ric has said – she can’t believe it. Ric comes downstairs – why are Sal and Brad dressed up like that? Sal reveals they’re going to Rocco’s funeral. He’s stunned to hear it, but understands. They head off, leaving a messed up Ric. At the cemetery, Sally is surprised to see Johnny arrive with prison guards. He stares Sally down throughout the service, but she’s determined to be focused on why they’re there. Rocco. The Priest asks if anyone would like to speak. Sally shakes her head. But Johnny has something he’d like to share. He gives a long speech about growing up looking after Rocco – family – and then his move to the Bay and the people he deserted because he was influenced by others who told him he didn’t need his brother. They gave him nothing, they hurt him. Justice will prevail for them taking Rocco away. And if god doesn’t do it, I will. Sally walks away, disgusted. How could he be so disrespectful for his dead brother? She returns home with Brad, fuming and tells Ric that there’s only one person who deserves to go down for Rocco’s death and that’s Johnny. He’s evil and you’re nothing like him! All are shell-shocked by her outburst. Especially Ric. He visits Rocco’s grave, alone, staring thoughtfully at the site as Sally’s words play over in his mind. He returns home to declare that this all has nothing to do with what he deserves as a sentence. It’s about seeing justice done – for Rocco. He was killed for trying to stand up for his gang, to his brother and that’s unforgivable of Johnny. Sal’s right. Johnny is evil and I’m going to make sure he goes down for it. Everyone’s blown away by Ric’s change of attitude. What will come of it?

Rachel sits in darkness – deeply uneasy about her argument with Kim. He soon walks in, sheepish, neither knowing what to say. They eventually open up and both apologise for earlier. He agrees he got caught up in the baby and put their marriage aside and it was unfair. He’ll find another way to pay for the home birth. Rachel is pleased. Maybe things will work out after all. Kim tells Kit about the special lunch he’s going to make Rachel and how things have been with her and that she’s decided to not be involved with the pregnancy as much. It’s too painful for her. Kit understands, but is disappointed. Kim returns home with groceries for the lunch and starts preparing. Rachel is impressed but thought he was spending this arvo with Kit? He was, but is working on balancing out the baby/marriage situation and says that Kit understands that Rachel wants space from the baby involvement. Rachel is glad to hear it. Meanwhile, Kit is on the computer when she puts her hand to her belly. She doesn’t feel any movement from the baby… As Kim and Rachel sit down to the gourmet lunch he’s prepared, all is going well. The two are getting along famously when Kim’s mobile rings. It’s Kit. Rachel is a bit frustrated as he answers – then concerned with Kim reveals Kit’s worried the baby’s not moving. Rachel talks to her – it’s normal, it’s probably asleep. Call tomorrow if you still haven’t felt any movement. This satisfies all as the couple resume their lunch and wine. However, Rachel notes that Kim is distracted and suggests they take Kit to hospital for a check up to ease their minds. He agrees – sorry about lunch. As he heads out, Rachel glances at the table. So much for lunch. Kit has the ultrasound with Rachel and Kim by her side, and as predicted, all is okay with the baby. Relieved, they head home, but Rachel is still put out by the whole thing. That night, Kit visits Rachel and confronts her about today. She’s sorry for interrupting their lunch, but is worried that Rachel isn’t being totally open with her. She lets Rachel know that she’s known Kim a long time and he won’t admit when he’s worried – and it’s something she doesn’t think they can let Kim do. Rachel has had enough – how dare Kit tell her how to deal with her own husband! As Rachel lets her have it, Kit starts to defend herself, but is then struck by a sudden headache. Rachel rushes to her side as Kit cries out in agony. Rachel drives her to Yabbie Creek, but on the way as they’re trying to call Kim, Kit grabs her head in pain, drops the mobile phone and it falls beneath Rachel’s foot as she hits some loose gravel, swerves, goes to break – but the pedal is stuck! Rachel manages to miss the security fence – phew – finally dislodges the phone and quickly brakes. Thank god. But then as she goes to open the car door she screams – the car is dangling like a see-saw off the cliff face!

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