Episode 4331

Australian Air Date: 15th January 2007
UK Air Date: 2nd April 2007
Writer: Faith McKinnon
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

The Summer Bay community are rocked by Sally’s attack. Sally’s life hangs in the balance. Kim receives some life-changing news from Kit.

Extended Summary

Sally remains unconscious on the ground and there’s not a soul around to help her. Brad has gone home and did not notice Sally Laying on the ground. Back at home, Brad is gushing to Rachel about the positive future he and Sally have ahead of them. Little does he know, Sally is fighting to stay alive. After some time, Brad becomes anxious that Sally is taking so long to get home and sets out to look for her. He pulls up in the school car park and spots her car. As he moves closer he is stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Sally laying there unconscious. Sally is rushed to hospital and it’s all action stations as the staff race her off to theatre. Poor Brad is left standing there, covered in her blood and in shock. Alf, Ric, Matilda, Brad and Martha race in, having heard the news and everyone is stunned.

Meanwhile, Kim is reeling from Kit’s unexpected arrival and the news she is pregnant with his baby. Kit insists she understands if Kim doesn’t want anything to do with the baby considering he has his new married life with Rachel. Kit is unaware of the full impact this is having on Kim given he thought he would never father children of his own. Kit reiterates there’s no pressure and leaves him with plenty to think about. Kim agonises over the revelation and is still in a state of confusion when Rachel returns home. He braces himself as he is about to break the news but they are interrupted by the phone ringing. Rachel is shocked as she receives the terrible news about Sally.

Sally is in theatre and the staff, now including Rachel, struggle to keep her condition from worsening. The surgery begins but Sally’s life hangs in the balance. Outside, Sally’s family and friends struggle to come to terms with the attack, even more so when they discover Sally has been stabbed. They instantly jump to the conclusion that Johnny must have been involved. Ric’s frustrations get the better of him and he storms out on a mission to find Rocco, leaving Matilda and Martha with little choice but to go after him.

Meanwhile, Rocco is struggling to get a grip on the crime he has just committed. He has changed out of his blood-stained clothes and remains in a complete state of shock. Matilda, Ric and Martha turn up and Rocco does his best to hide his guilt, insisting he knows nothing about the attack. Rocco is privately panicking when he discovers Sally is still alive. Rocco declines their offer to take him back to the hospital to see Sally – it’s the last place he wants to be. The others leave and Rocco slumps, finally breaking down in sobs. This nightmare just keeps getting worse.


The quiet vigil continues in the corridor as more of Sally’s friends and family gather to offer their support. Brad is overwhelmed with despair. Alf comforts Brad as he opens up about how much he loves Sally and can’t bear to lose her. Sally’s operation comes to end but just as it seems she is pulling through, the monitors start beeping urgently and Sally’s condition plummets. Rachel begins the frantic battle to save her friend’s life.


Guest Cast


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