Episode 4330

Australian Air Date: 1st December 2006

Colleen’s Christmas pageant brings all your favourites together, but as the night heats up – secrets will be revealed. Kim discovers some shocking news about Kit, and a brutal attack will leave the life of one of the Bay’s most loved residents hanging in the balance.

Extended Summary

At the Diner, Beth and Tony are having breakfast, when Sam enters saying there’s a problem – then they turn to see Jack walking through the door with a walking frame, out of his wheelchair! He’s grinning as he slowly makes his way over to them. Leah and Dan come over to congratulate him – Sam’s a miracle worker! Ash and Martha approach to congratulate Jack – as Amanda moves to Leah and Dan to invite them over for a Christmas drink. Dan answers coolly that they’re busy, but will see how they go. Disappointed, Amanda heads home. Sam, Martha, Jack and Ash have breakfast together – Martha asks Sam about herself and Jack senses the tension about her past etc – so changes the topic. Ash mentions he’s heading home to see his folks – he has to go now. But first he gives Martha a gift – a beautiful pair of earrings. She’s thrilled.

At Amanda’s, Peter, Amanda, Matilda and Ric have gathered to farewell Cassie and Macca as they head to the city. It’s teary for the girls as they hug each other goodbye. Amanda lets Peter know that Dan didn’t seem too keen on the Christmas drinks idea – Peter says they can talk to him again at the Pageant, but Amanda isn’t up for it anymore. Peter pushes her to go – they shouldn’t go into hiding. Everyone needs to accept that they’re together and happy. At the Holden House, Rachel is slumped on the couch, still in pjs, watching TV. Kim sits beside her – he knows this is hard, he misses Joe too. How about we go to the pageant to get into the Christmas spirit? Then I’ll cook you a romantic dinner. Rachel manages a smile.

It’s twenty minutes till showtime and Colleen is in a flap – it’s going to be a disaster! Everyone starts to make their way to their seats. Martha sits with Jack and Sam, Sally takes a seat, smiling at Brad. Peter and Amanda enter, whispers all around, but Peter is determined to not care. Colleen gives a heartfelt speech – she knows they don’t want to be here to watch this, but she thinks they need it. This year has been awful and they’ve managed to pull through and that’s worth celebrating. The crowd is touched by her wise words as the curtain is raised. It’s a laugh from start to finish, with Alf’s santa costume ripping, Irene’s halo falling off etc. In the final scene Belle eyes Drew, knowing they have to kiss – he takes her in his arms and plants one on her – the audience applaud as the kiss continues as the curtain comes down. There was electricity there and Belle knows it.

At the after party all cheer for Colleen. Amanda and Peter are about to leave, when Dan approaches – they’d love to have that drink with them after all. Amanda is thrilled. Drew approaches Belle – she’s in denial, and when she’s ready, he’ll be waiting, leaving Belle with food for thought. Meanwhile, Ash approaches a house, knocks while quickly putting on a wedding ring, before a woman answers the door and two kids come running to him screaming ‘daddy!’. So much for Ash not having a secret! Rachel gives Kim a kiss as he’s heading home to prepare her romantic dinner – she glows as she tells him how happy she is – a rock solid relationship – she loves him. Later, Kim is preparing dinner when there’s a knock at the door. He opens it to a pregnant Kit! He congratulates her, but the smile fades quickly when she reveals that it’s his!

Sally and Brad are having a great time at the after party as they bring in things from the pageant – they reflect on the tough year they’ve both had. He then sees some mistletoe and gestures to it. They gaze at each other and move in to share their first ever kiss as the music swells ‘Silent Night’. Cut to: Ric and Matilda in each others arms, sharing a tender kiss, then he starts to tickle her. Cut to: Lucas giving Belle a foot rub, loving it, then Drew enters – they make eye contact, she quickly looks back to Lucas, but Drew continues to watch her, determined.

Cut to: Amanda and Peter welcoming Dan and Leah in for a drink – maybe things will work out after all… Cut to: Cassie and Macca driving away in the ute past the ‘You are now leaving Summer Bay’ sign. Goodbye Cassie… Cut to: Tony, Beth, Jack, Sam and Rory having a laugh together, watching Colleen tell a story. Jack glances to Martha – they share a smile, as she fondles one of the earings from Ash, missing him… Cut to: Ash playing with his family in front of a Christmas tree – leading a completely double life. Cut to: Rachel walking, smiling to herself, strong in her faith of her relationship with Kim despite the set backs with Baby Joe… Cut to: Shocked Kim sitting with Kit as she talks to him about the pregnancy – he can’t believe his life has been turned upside down!

On air after her kiss with Brad Sally heads towards her car, she needs to check on some things at home and has told Brad she will be back soon, when she hears footsteps. It’s Rocco, he’s crying. She moves to comfort him – but he hates himself – he apologises for what he’s about to do – but Johnny hasn’t given him a choice. Sally is uneasy now, wanting him to calm down. He stares at her for what seems like an eternity, then says sorry and thrusts his arm toward Sally. She gasps in shock, then falls to the ground as Rocco drops a bloodied knife! He stares at her, then runs as fast as he can into the night. Sally’s left alone, bleeding, in the middle of the car park, with no one around to help her…

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