Episode 4332

Australian Air Date: 16th January 2007
UK Air Date: 3rd April 2007
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Rachel’s world is turned upside down when she discovers Kim is going to be a father. Will Rocco succumb to Johnny’s pressure to end Sally’s life? Sally wakes from her coma.

Extended Summary

Inside the theatre, a flat line appears on the monitor as Rachel and her team fight to keep Sally alive. The relief is palpable as Sally’s heart starts beating again but she is clearly hanging on for dear life. Sally’s family and friends are instantly on their feet when Rachel emerges from theatre. She delivers the bad news that Sally remains unconscious and there is no certainty that she will ever wake up. Everyone takes in the news, stunned. Ric’s frustrations boil over and he sets off to talk to Rocco again in the hope he can shed light on the attack.

Rocco is shocked by Ric, Matilda and Martha’s return visit. He is on edge and struggles to find a reason not to accept their request to speak to Johnny. Meanwhile, Johnny is being questioned at the Police Station. Peter demands to know what involvement he had in Sally’s attack but Johnny remains smug and tight-lipped – that is until the arrival of Rocco. Once the two brothers are left alone in the interview room, Johnny rips in to Rocco for not finishing the job he started. Johnny is not prepared to go down for this and Rocco is now petrified he will end up behind bars if Sally wakes and reveals the truth. But will Rocco do the unthinkable and end Sally’s life?

Kim, is sifting through his wedding photos – his mind is racing with thoughts of how he can break the news of the baby to Rachel. He reaches his decision and visits Kit to reveal he can not be part of the baby’s life and would appreciate her discretion. Kit is understanding.

The next morning, Kit and Beth are having a heart to heart as they walk along the beach. From a distance, Rachel watches the two of them up ahead. Then to Rachel’s surprise she notices Kit is pregnant. She races home to tell Kim but when she clocks his anxious response, it suddenly dawns on her… Kit is having Kim’s baby!


With tears streaming down her cheeks, Rachel slowly begins to process the shocking news. Kim is adamant he doesn’t want to hurt Rachel by being involved with the baby. But much to his surprise, Rachel admits she doesn’t want Kim to be deprived of being a father. Together they visit Kit, who is equally grateful for Rachel’s acceptance. Rachel is overwhelmed with a mix of emotions, suddenly, Kit flinches as the baby starts kicking. Rachel and Kim join in, delighted, as they places their hands on Kit’s belly. The trio prepare to embark on this new journey together.

Sally’s family welcome the arrival of Rocco to the hospital. As he enters the room alone he is stopped in his tracks at the sight of Sally hooked up to the machines. Suddenly, Johnny’s threats to finish the job he started, ring in his ears. Rocco realises he has no choice but to go through with it. Rocco tells Sally he’s so sorry before reaching up to the switch on the ventilator but just as he does so, Sally’s eyes begin to flicker. Rocco is stunned as Sally begins to wake.

Guest Cast


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