Episode 4333

Australian Air Date: 17th January 2007
UK Air Date: 4th April 2007
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Sally begins on the long road to recovery. Rocco fears it’s only a matter of time before Sally remembers her attacker. Morag demands Ash finally confess to his ‘family’ secret.

Extended Summary

Rocco is cemented to the spot in shock as Sally awakes from her coma, confused and disoriented. Rocco yells out for help. The nurses race in to help, as Rocco watches on, feeling deeply fearful of the truth being exposed. Relief washes over Alf, Morag, Ric and Brad who have returned from the canteen to discover Sally’s awake but suddenly it all becomes too much for Rocco and he races out, leaving the others bemused by his reaction.

Rocco returns to the hostel and frantically begins to bundle up his belongings, preparing to do a runner in fear it’s only a matter of time before they come looking for him. Meanwhile, it seems there is little to fear as everyone is gathered around Sally’s bed, concerned that the trauma has caused Sally to forget the events leading up to her attack. Brad takes Sally’s hand as they gaze lovingly in to each other’s eyes, knowing full well how close they came to losing everything.

Meanwhile, Ric visits Rocco, who is hugely relieved to discover Sally can’t remember her attacker. Ric manages to convince Rocco to return to the hospital with him. Rocco is a bundle of nerves but he quickly realises his secret is safe for now. Sally is delighted to see Rocco and extends an invite to him to live with her family permanently. Rocco’s guilt soars but it is overridden by the desire to be loved and part of a family. Rocco hesitantly returns to the Police Station to see Johnny. Rocco reveals he did not end Sally’s life, in fact, she is awake but can’t remember anything so they are safe. Johnny is not happy at all.

Cassie and Macca are at home happily unpacking and setting up their new home whenMacca has gone of to work Cassie learns of Sally’s attack. She races to the hospital to be with her and later when Macca arrives home is distressed to see that cassie has gone but has left him a note. Macca also arrives at the hospital and as Macca watches Cassie with her family, it’s clear there’s a hint of jealousy – is there trouble looming?

Overwhelmed with emotion, Martha picks up the phone and calls Ash for some support. But little does she know he’s at his house with his wife and kids! Ash finishes the call and rejoins his family. Later as he leaving his house after farewelling his wife and kids he removes his wedding ring.


Ash is meeting up with Martha, she wraps him in a big hug, so happy to see him. They share a loving kiss before Martha moves off to grab a drink from the Diner. Suddenly, Ash hears a familiar voice behind him and is panicked by the arrival of his wife, Rianna and two children! Uh-oh! Rianna explains they sped to catch up to him when he left in the morning without his wallet. Ash does his best to hide the fear of his dirty secret being exposed! He quickly ushers his family back to their car and out of sight just before Martha’s return. But unbeknownst to Ash, Morag watches on curiously, having witnessed the whole exchange.


Morag moves off in the distance to where Rianna is getting ready to drive off. Morag introduces herself and innocently questions Rianna who that man was she was just talking to? Just as Morag suspected, Rianna confirms Ash is her husband!

Ash returns to the Station and is instantly on edge when Morag arrives, demanding to talk to him in private. Morag then reveals she will not be played for a fool and knows his dirty secret! Ash is speechless – how’s he going to get out of this one?

Guest Cast


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