Episode 4334

Australian Air Date: 18th January 2007
UK Air Date: 5th April 2007
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Martha is shocked to discover Ash’s terrible secret! Belle struggles to deny her feelings for Drew. Lucas prepares to take the next step in his relationship with Belle.

Extended Summary


Morag continues to rip in to Ash about betraying his wife and lying to Martha. Morag storms off on a mission to find Martha and eventually does so at the Diner. Just as she is about to spill the beans, Ash races in, urging Morag to let him tell Martha the truth. Martha is in absolute shock when Ash finally admits to being a married man with children! Ash desperately tries to explain he wants to leave his wife because he is in love with Martha. But Martha isn’t buying in to his pathetic excuses and storms off feeling completely hurt and betrayed. Eventually, Martha begins to calm down after a heart to heart chat with Cassie. Ash tracks Martha down and makes another heartfelt plea. Martha begins to soften but now she is faced with the big decision – will she stay with him?

After some thought, Martha heads to the Police Station to talk to Ash. Ash insists he hates hurting her and would do anything to make her realise she is the one he wants. Martha believes what they have is worth fighting for and much to Ash’s relief, declares she wants to stay with him.

Back in the hospital, everyone is reacting to Morag’s news that Ash is married! The conversation is interrupted by Cassie’s phone ringing – it’s Macca, who’s back at home in the city. Cassie delivers the news she has decided to stay in the Bay to support her family. Macca pretends to be understanding but when he hangs up the phone and takes a look around his lonely surroundings, his expression darkens. He’s being ignored and he’s not a happy camper.

Cassie, Alf and Morag have returned home when Martha arrives. Alf immediately offers his sympathy about Ash and goes on to say how wrong they all were to think he was a decent bloke. Martha cuts in and declares she has made her decision to stay with him. Alf and Morag are up in arms but Martha erupts, insisting it’s her life and she will do what she wants! End of story!

Belle continues to keep up her fa

Guest Cast



Jack Holden lost his virginity to Karen Stanford in Year 10.

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