Episode 4335

Australian Air Date: 19th January 2007
UK Air Date: 6th April 2007
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Drew is stunned by Belle’s reaction when he admits he’s still in love with her. Jack makes a promise to protect Sam and Rory.

Extended Summary

Lucas races around the house as he nervously prepares for his morning of passion with Belle. Meanwhile, Belle too, is nervous about meeting up with Lucas. She collects her order and heads out of the Diner, bumping in to Drew on her way out. Belle questions how many times she has to tell Drew she feels nothing for him but Drew isn’t convinced she’s telling the truth. Utterly frustrated, she storms off.


Belle arrives at the house to meet Lucas – both slightly awkward but in no time things are getting hot and heavy. Suddenly, Drew’s words enter Belle’s mind and she insists that it’s too soon for her and Lucas to be taking things this far. Lucas is utterly confused as she gets up and leaves. What just happened?! Lucas tracks down Drew for advice but Drew is secretly intrigued to hear nothing happened between Lucas and Belle. Drew later confronts Belle insisting that if she doesn’t have true feelings for Lucas then she shouldn’t hurt him – especially if it’s him that she still loves. Belle’s defences weaken and Drew leans in to steal a kiss. Belle recoils and slaps Drew hard across the face. Belle rushes off, leaving Drew feeling like a complete fool. Leah arrives and notices Drew moping around and questions him on it. Drew decides to spill the beans and admits he is still in love with Belle.

Belle, meanwhile, has poured her heart to Irene. She is still deeply confused about her feelings. Even though she admits she still loves Drew, she does not want to hurt Lucas and therefore she will stay with him. Later, Belle is at a table when Lucas arrives. Belle apologises for running out before. Lucas understands and they share a kiss but Belle tenses as Drew enters. Lucas’s phone rings and he moves off leaving Drew and Belle alone. The tension is clear but before anything more can be said, Lucas returns with the news he has been accepted in to a traveling writer’s festival and will be leaving next week for a 3 week trip. Lucas is stoked but Belle’s heart sinks as she steals a look to Drew. Will the temptation be too much for Belle when Lucas is away?

Jack is in a rehab session at the hospital with Sam when she reveals the bad news that her landlord has uped the rent and she can’t afford to stay in her house. Sam is upset she has to move again. Jack offers to move in with Sam and Rory but Sam is dubious, thinking he hasn’t thought it through.

At lunchtime, Sam and Rory head to the Diner where Rory questions if he will ever get to live with Jack. She dodges the line of questioning and moves off to the bathroom. When she returns her heart sinks – Rory is no where to be seen. Sam and Alf search outside near the beach – but still no sign of him. Sam’s panic begins to rise, fearing the worst until she receives the call that Rory has made his way to Jack’s house. Rory insists he wants to live with Jack. Jack promises him he’s not going anywhere and will be there for them no matter what. Sam and Jack share a smile – their family dynamic is growing stronger by the day.

Guest Cast