Episode 4212

Australian Air Date: 20th June 2006

The battle to save friends and family begins in the wake of the explosion – but not everyone will make it out alive.

Extended Summary

Martha emerges from the blazing barn, dazed as she watches the nightmare unfold before her eyes. Bedraggled bodies stumble out of the burning building but she grows hysterical when Jack is nowhere to be seen. She races back inside and is momentarily stunned by the scene of devastation. Dan and Leah are desperately trying to rouse Peter, who is badly injured, as Robbie clutches to Tasha, carrying her to safety before they are overcome with the smoke. Alf struggles, clutching his chest in pain, but presses on to lead Sally and Morag away from danger. Macca appears admist the chaos and races to assist Rachel and Kim, who are guiding Elaine out the door. He then moves back inside, crossing Cassie, who is gripped to Ric’s side. Seeing that they are safe, Macca joins Martha and Tony, who are desperately trying to find Jack. Beth, Matilda and Lucas escape from the inferno and join the others who are injured, but safely out of the building. Rachel does what she can to tend to their injuries but inside the nightmare continues. Leah and Dan are still glued to Peter’s side as he slips out of consciousness. Dan tries desperately to keep him alive but Peter is trapped and can not be moved. Martha and Tony finally find Jack, who is buried under a pile of rubble. Macca manages to free Jack from the debris but as Martha and Tony assist Jack to move to safety, a huge beam falls on Macca, pinning him to the ground.

The hospital is in absolute chaos as the injured start pouring in. Martha is still in her singed wedding dress, as she grips Jack’s hand, urging him to keep fighting as his condition deteriorates. Jack is wheeled away and Tony comforts an hysterical Martha – will she lose her husband on her wedding day? Rachel kicks in to doctor mode as she reassures the group some of their loved ones have been transferred to another hospital for treatment. Kim, who is also burnt, stays to take care of Elaine. Robbie and Tasha are filled with relief when they are given the news their baby is safe.

…Back at the fire, rescue teams are hard at work. As an unconscious Peter is lifted into the back of an ambulance, Leah and Dan are all too aware that time is rapidly running out…The firefighters race back inside the smouldering mess and hurry towards Macca, who is still trapped. Cassie is by his side, refusing to leave, as Macca tries to overcome his unbearable pain. Suffering from possible internal injuries, the rescue team works cautiously to free Macca from the beam, but it is clear his life is hanging in the balance…

…Peter is hooked up to a ventilator in hospital but Leah and Dan are devastated when they receive the news that Peter is brain dead and any hope of recovery is gone. Dan watches his brother, as his whole world crashes down around him.

Martha and Tony brace themselves as Dr Green delivers the devastating news that Jack’s liver is badly damaged and without a transplant, he will die. Martha takes Jack’s hand, stunned that what was meant to be the happiest day of their lives, has turned to this. Nurse Julie approaches Dr Green with the information they may have a donor – but who could it be? Dan is outraged by Dr Green’s suggestion that Peter’s liver could be used to save Jack’s life. He is adamant that will never happen, much to the horror of Jack’s family. Sensitive to the fact Dan has just lost his brother, Tony approaches, making a heart felt plea. Tears fill Dan’s eyes as he realises there’s nothing he can do to save Peter and finally agrees to help save Jack. Tony is eternally grateful and relieved by the renewed hope for his son.

Kim is doing all he can to comfort Elaine and is stunned when Elaine remembers something from her immediate past. But before Kim has the chance to pursue her on it, Elaine collapses. Kim yells for help as Dr Green races in to treat Elaine, who is suffering a heart attack. The alarms activate and Rachel is shocked to discover Dr Green is resuscitating her mother! Rachel does all she can to help save Elaine’s life but Kim is compelled to step forward to stop Rachel – Elaine is gone. Rachel collapses in his arms, devastated by the loss of her Mum.

Martha grips Jack’s hand as he is lead to surgery – could she lose him forever? But all hope is gone for Dan, who watches in silence as Peter’s life support machines are switched off. A tear rolls down Dan’s face as he battles to come to terms with the loss of his brother.

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