Episode 4168

Australian Air Date: 19th April 2006

Martha and Jack face the wrath of the law as their web of lies is finally exposed. Dan’s drunken night inadvertently places VJ’s life in danger.

Extended Summary

Alf is alone with his thoughts when he is interrupted by Sally and Baby Pippa arriving back from Italy! Sally tells him how much the trip helped deal with her grief, she had an amazing time, but she’s glad to be home with family. Alf fills Sal in on Ric and Cassie’s break up, Martha’s brother Macca is now staying and is Cassie’s new beau and Josh’s murder! She can’t believe it! Peter enters looking for Martha – a police matter – What has Martha done?

The party at the Holden house is in full swing. Dan enters after seeing Leah and Hugh kissing at the Surf Club and makes a bee line for the beer. Macca acts the fool making Cassie laugh and Martha hangs out with Robbie and Tasha who have had a rough few weeks and are enjoying letting their hair down. Kim watches on, concerned, as Dan quickly puts away a few beers. Macca gets Cassie drinking after her initial reluctance – she starts to loosen up a little, but sets aside a particularly strong drink Macca has made for her, it’s a bit much! Dan begins to pour his heart out to Kim about how many mistakes he has made and how he is now paying for the lot!

Jack is clearly not happy about being given paper work to cover, he is certain there is something more he can do to help with the murder case! Jack checks on forensics and discovers the results are already in – he checks them and is stunned to see that Martha matched the prints! McGrath gives Jack a house disturbance to check out, he doesn’t want him anywhere near this one, it’s his girlfriend! Fuming and fearful, Jack checks the disturbance location – his house! He heads over immediately, hoping to find Martha before Peter does. He enters, orders everyone to get out and heads straight to Martha. He pulls Martha aside and tells her what the cops have found – she is reeling – if she doesn’t tell the cops it was her gun, they’ll think she committed the murder! Peter arrives, surprised to see Jack there. The tension is clear as Peter asks Martha to go with him to the station. Martha is sent straight to the interview room – Jack is asked to remain outside. She explains how she came to get the gun, to protect herself from Corey, and that someone stole it out of her ute. She says no one can back up her story. She swears she didn’t murder Josh West, but without anyone to back her story, things don’t look good. Jack tells Peter that he knew about the unregistered gun and told her to get rid of it. Peter is stunned – this clears Martha from being a suspect, but doesn’t help Jack’s stuff up as a cop! He is suspended until further notice!

Sally tells Alf of the trials of travelling with Colleen when Macca enters with Cassie. She is a bit tipsy and is so happy to see Sally. Sally is surprised at her behaviour and smells the booze on her breath… Sally lets Macca know he should have known better and Cassie drags him upstairs saying they can talk it over in the morning – it’s no big deal! Sally can’t believe it, this is so unlike her. Alf agrees. Cassie returns after a shower, Macca apologises and Sally asks to speak with Cassie, alone. Cassie defends Macca, saying she wanted to drink and that Sal doesn’t even know him so can’t judge the guy! She then storms off to her room leaving Sally shocked at the unexpected homecoming… The next morning Martha comes over and gives her brother an earful. Sally agrees. Macca decides to move off, getting crowded at the house again, but Cassie appears and says she wants him to stay. Alf lets Cassie know she needs to treat Sal with more respect. Cassie is fuming. Macca aggreably heads upstairs to pack his things. He moves off with Cassie giving Sally daggers.

Leah drops VJ off to be looked after by the very hung over Dan for the day. In no state to hang out with his son, Dan dozes off into a bleary coma and awakens to find VJ lying unconscious on the floor! Dan races to his side then sees the cup lying on the floor. Dan sniffs it, it’s alcohol! Will VJ be okay?