Episode 4169

Australian Air Date: 20th April 2006

As doctors fight to save VJ’s life, Leah viciously lays the blame for his condition at Dan’s feet – and makes a life altering decision in the process. Ric’s first day as an apprentice mechanic does not go according to plan.

Extended Summary

Dan frantically struggles to wake VJ after finding him passed out from drinking alcohol. Tony arrives to see Jack and races over when he hears Dan screaming. Tony huddles over VJ as Dan races to the phone to call an ambulance – will VJ survive? Dan anxiously paces the corridor as Tony tries to calm him when Leah and Rachel burst in. Hysterical, Leah demands to know what happened and before Dan gets a chance to respond, the curtain is drawn to reveal VJ being treated by Dr Young. Tears stream down her face and she is restrained from approaching her son. Dr Young is struggling to bring VJ around and Leah beings to freak. Rachel assists as Leah and Dan are reluctantly led away by Tony. Leah’s fear for VJ soon turns to anger toward Dan – he is ashamed to reveal that he fell asleep while looking after VJ – Leah can’t believe it! Dr Young reports that VJ’s stomach was pumped and he is now stable. Leah wonders why his stomach was pumped? Dr Young reveals he had alcohol poisoning. Stunned to the core, Leah glares at Dan who has never hated himself more. She erupts and no one can calm her. Leah gets so out of control that Tony, Rachel and Dr Young have to break things up. Tony drags the crushed Dan away from a seething Leah.

Meanwhile at the Diner, Colleen is filling in Irene and Rachel on the latest part at the boys place – these wild parties are becoming quite regular. Cassie got drunk, Macca was being quite wild and Dan pashed a blonde woman! Leah overhears this as she enters. Rachel clocks her reaction. Leah pretends to not be affected at hearing the news, but later reveals to Rachel that the spark isn’t there with Hugh and she is upset at hearing about Dan. Irene has just taken a call about VJ – there’s been an accident!

Ric has just finished a day of working for the dole and encourages Belle to start back at school soon. She is initially reluctant, but eventually agrees to give it a shot. Ric doesn’t think she’d like working for the dole! Ric heads home to find Alf struggling with a cupboard door hinge – he is frustrated at not being able to fix it and slams it aggressively. Sally clocks his agro. Ric complains about work and Alf has a go, telling him to get out there to find an apprenticeship! Sally later approaches Alf, seeing if he wants to get out for a bit – he’s barely left the house since he got out of prison. He assures her that he’s okay, she isn’t convinced. She insists that she is taking him out to dinner tonight! Ric gets a call – he’s scored an apprenticeship that starts today! The others are thrilled for him! Ric turns up in his work gear and meets the guys – they are a bunch of jokesters. They are all talking about chicks when Belle arrives – they guys start wolf whistling at the hottie! Ric pipes up and lets them know she’s his girlfriend. He demands to know why she’s there. She just wanted to see how he was going on his first day. Ric isn’t impressed and tells her to go home. They guys continue to play tricks on him and arrange to meet up at the surf club later for drinks. Ric agrees to join them. He turns up later that night, waiting for the guys, but no one shows – he’s been stood up by his new work mates!

Back at the Holden House, Tony tries to see if Dan is okay, but Dan wants to be alone. He thanks Tony for his support and Tony moves off. Dan looks at the scene of the tragedy before lashing out in anger, throwing things across the room, as poor Leah cries her eyes out at the hospital. Dr Young lets her know VJ has woken. Mother and son are reunited. Rachel heads over to check on Dan who is cleaning up from his outburst. She tells him VJ is okay. He wants to see him, but Rachel thinks it best to leave Leah with VJ for the moment. Rachel asks what he’s doing to himself and suggests he pull himself together before something worse happens. She leaves a thoughtful Dan in her wake. Leah is unimpressed when Dan appears at the door. She asks Nurse Julie to send Dan away so VJ isn’t upset any further. Leah watches, angry but sad, as Dan is lead away, a true mess.

Later that night Leah visits Dan and makes it clear what she thinks of him. She thinks he’s pathetic and weak and would rather get pissed and pash random women than take care of his own son. She tells him that he’ll be hearing from her solicitor soon in regards to the divorce papers. Dan is devastated…

Sally takes Alf to the Diner for dinner. Everyone is happy to see him out and about. He doesn’t look comfortable being surrounded by everyone, but eventually loosens up. He thanks Sally for the kick up the rear, he knows he can’t hide any longer, he needs to get on with his life.

They see Ric later on at the house and ask how his first day was – he lies and tells them it was great, he doesn’t like it at all!