Episode 4161

Australian Air Date: 10th April 2006

As tensions between Dan and Leah escalate, Amanda continues her quest to win her ex-husband back. Ric and Belle get caught in the act. Martha’s wild and rowdy birthday celebrations get out of control.

Extended Summary

Martha’s birthday party is in full swing. Macca and Cassie are getting on fabulously as Matilda and Lucas begin to wonder where Ric has got to…what’s taking him so long? Ric and Belle are busy locked in a passionate embrace on the lounge. There’s no doubt where this is heading…but just as things get really steamy, Irene and Hyde interrupt the half-dressed couple. Busted!! Hyde hustles an awkward and embarrassed Ric out the door, as Irene is left to give Belle the ‘birds and the bees’ talk. Belle insists that Irene save her breath – she knows what she’s doing!

Leah and Rachel arrive at the Holden House ready to join in the birthday celebrations. Trailing not far behind is Colleen, who has just returned from her adventure in Italy! The jet lag hasn’t kicked in yet, so Colleen is in top form as she hands out her presents and informs them all that Sally and Pippa have decided to stay overseas for another week. As the music cranks up a notch the older generations see it as their cue to dash off, whilst the young one’s keep the party alive. Macca is the life of the party and the chemistry between he and Cassie is growing stronger! It’s getting late and Tony decides it’s time to kill the music. After all, he and Beth have a big day tomorrow when they move in together! As the drunken bunch are ushered out, Tony surveys the mess. Jack is too happy-as-Larry drunk to care as he throws his arms around his father, declaring his love. Tony smiles at his son – it’s an end of an era with his boys!

Dan is sound asleep on the lounge. Amanda enters the lounge room and watches Dan for a moment – the thought of their relationship is playing on her mind and she can’t sleep. Dan begins to stir and is startled to discover Amanda sitting by his side. They begin to reminisce about their good times together and it’s clear they still share a chemistry. Amanda moves off back to bed, leaving Dan feeling increasingly confused about his feelings for her.

Cassie, Martha and Macca tip-toe in to their house, trying their best not to wake Morag. Hyde arrives with Ric and informs Martha (who is intent on appearing sober) that Ric was caught in a compromising position with Belle! Ric looks guiltily at Cassie – it’s the first public confirmation that Ric and Belle are having a relationship. Cassie is hurt but there’s no way she’s going to admit it! The next morning the pack come down stairs one by one nursing their sore post-party heads, except for Cassie who is pumped and ready for her first boxing class. At that moment, her phone rings and is disappointed to learn her boxing classes are cancelled! Macca comes to the rescue and offers to give her a lesson or two. Cassie accepts enthusiastically…it’s time to move on…

Ric is sheepish as he arrives to see Belle. The phone rings just in time to save him from an awkward conversation with Irene. Belle can’t believe it when Irene informs her that Katherine Lansdowne is on the phone – oh my god – that’s her mum! Belle explains that the house they visited earlier was correct but the lady they met was Katherine’s housekeeper…and the good news is, Katherine wants to meet her this afternoon! Meanwhile, Kim informs Irene that Jack has offered him a room and has decided to move out of the Beach House. Irene understands and reminds Kim he always has a home there.

Dan returns home from the Diner, still fuming after another argument with Leah. He can’t believe she’d have the nerve to complain about moving in with Amanda – after all, it was Leah who kicked him out of the Diner Apartment!

Amanda tries to calm him down and her understanding leads to another moment of passion. Dan hesitates as they lean in to one another…but before they know it, they are locked in a passionate embrace. In no time they are tearing off each other’s clothes… …uh-oh…what’s Dan getting himself in to?