Episode 4160

Australian Air Date: 7th April 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Mark Piper

As Belle edges closer to discovering the truth about her mother’s identity, she and Ric give in to their feelings. Amanda moves one step closer to winning Dan back for good when she insists he stay with her and Ryan. Martha’s birthday is crashed by the surprise arrival of her brother who is a real hit and charms everyone.

Extended Summary

Belle grinds the gears of Hyde’s car as she desperately heads towards her mum’s house. She checks her watch – will she make it in time? She struggles to get the car into fourth gear, takes her eyes off the road for a second to look at the gear stick, begins to veer onto the other side of the road into the path of an oncoming car! The other driver honks the horn – Belle swerves and they narrowly avoid a collision! Belle has knocked her head on the steering wheel, the other driver races over to help her, she insists she is okay. Meanwhile, Ric is trying to call Belle’s mobile – she isn’t answering – Damn! Hyde comes out, Ric explains Belle stole it as Martha pulls up. Ric gets her to drive him and Hyde after Belle, explaining that Belle can barely drive! Driving along, they notices two cars ahead – it’s her! She’s nearly been in an accident. Belle is fine and as the other driver turns around, Martha is surprised to see it is her brother Macca! He was on his way into town for her birthday! Martha introduces him to Barry and Ric. Back at the Beach House, Irene rips into Belle about nicking Hyde’s car – what were you thinking?! Belle refuses to tell anyone why she did it. Barry decides to not press formal charges – she’s lucky! That night Ric arrives to see Belle packing her bags – she isn’t going to give up – she’s headed for her mum’s place by hitching a ride. Ric tries to talk her out of it and decides to go with her, worried for her safety. They arrive outside of Katherine Landsdowne’s house – it’s quaint, just how she imagined. Ric tells her not to get excited – it might not be her mum. No one is home, so they sit and wait. It’s getting late, finally a car pulls into the drive and a woman steps out – Belle gets excited, she moves toward the house Belle knocks on the door a woman answers and recognises her and is unsettled by it, but doesn’t let on that she knows her. Belle explains who she is, but the woman denies knowing what she is talking about. Deflated, Belle heads back over to Ric. The lady pulls out her mobile and dials – ‘you’ll never guess who just showed up!’. What’s going on? Ric comforts poor Belle – this is really hard for her. Ric’s comfort leads to their first kiss!

Martha introduces her brother to everyone – Jack has to go and get Martha’s birthday party sorted and will see them there. Macca likes Jack, pity he’s a cop! It is obvious that Martha and Macca get along, always cheeky to each other. Martha notices Cassie has boxing gloves, Macca mentions he used to box and teach it too. Macca is going to stay at Summer Bay House for the night. At the party Macca charms the pants off everyone, he’s a real hit! Martha is really disappointed that Alf can’t be at her party, but he has sent her a gift which gives her a smile.

Jogging along the beach, Amanda stops him, wanting to talk about the kiss, but Dan is pretty confused about the whole thing. Meanwhile, Leah is madly cleaning her house, trying to occupy her weary mind, wishing she could tell Dan how she feels. She makes a move to visit Dan, knowing what she has to do. She approaches the apartment door and knocks. Dan answers and she tells him there is something she needs to say. Before she gets a chance she sees Amanda in the kitchen smiling smugly at Leah! Leah pulls herself together and rushes off. Amanda explains how important the kiss was to her and outlines the reasons why she thinks they should give their relationship another go. She tells Dan to decide what he wants quickly because she won’t wait around too long! Dan wanders down for a meal and Leah dumps it in front of him. He tries to reason with her and Leah says she wants him to move out of the apartment upstairs – she owns half of it, was never consulted about him moving in, and thinks it is inappropriate for her ex to be living above her work place in her apartment! Dan doesn’t want to move back into the van. He asks her if she’s jealous of Amanda – she says she isn’t, but as she moves off her face tells another story.

Packing his bags, Amanda shows up and he fills her in on moving back to the van. Amanda insists he come and stay with her and Ryan – he is reluctant, but agrees – what has he gotten himself into now? A confused man indeed.

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