Episode 4133

Australian Air Date: 1st March 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Tasha and Mumma Rose face off in a final, explosive battle. Jack becomes suspicious of Peter’s true motive for returning to the Bay.

Extended Summary

It’s bedlam in the camp after the escape of Tasha and Rebecca. Mumma Rose frantically sends the Believers on the hunt but Tasha is tucked away in the bush, watching from a distance at the commotion. Tasha spots Jonah tied to a tree but wonders how she can avoid being noticed by the Believer standing guard. Narrowly missing detection, there is relief as she finally reaches Jonah and begins to untie him. But just when the coast looks clear, they are spotted and suddenly surrounded by a bunch of very unhappy Believers. There’s no escaping now!

Jack is carrying out business as usual at the Police Station. He gathers up some files and places them with a bundle of other files on Peter’s desk. As he does so, he notices a set of surveillance photos protruding from one of the folders. They are not only of Leah – but others residents of the Bay! Before Jack has a chance to investigate, Peter arrives and is instantly defensive – snatching the files from Jack. Tensions are high just as Fitzgerald breaks the moment…a report has just come in from Rebecca – there’s trouble at the Believers’ farm!

Tasha uses Mumma Rose’s words to remind the Believers that she is the ‘Chosen One’. She is their destiny and future – not Mumma Rose. The Believers are confused but are eventually swayed by Tasha’s words. They start to turn on Mumma Rose just as the sound of sirens can be heard. Jack and Peter race from the cars and a moment of distraction allows Mumma Rose to disappear into the bush. Tears of relief from Tasha as she and Jonah embrace – it’s all over at last…or is it?

The Believers, including Jonah, are rounded up and taken in for questioning whilst Tasha is having a check-up at the hospital – everyone is relieved she is safe and sound. Tasha apologises to her loved ones for not believing their warnings – it is especially aimed at Robbie. Mixed emotion for them both – will they find their way back to one another?

Leah and Dan return home from the hospital – both still reeling from the loss of their baby. Dan watches on helplessly as Leah silently curls up on the lounge, lost in her own thoughts. Dan takes a walk to the Diner to clear his head and it is obvious to Colleen that there is a problem. She offers her support but when Peter arrives and offers his condolences, Dan angrily tells Peters to stay out of his life!

Peter’s mind is consumed with thoughts of his fight with Dan. He is devastated that things have turned so sour. Peter picks up the phone and dials his liaison and explains he wants out of the case. Jack goes to dial out another line but accidentally overhears Peter’s conversation on the other line. Jack reacts as Peter explains he no longer wants to stay in the Bay due to personal reasons. The voice on the other line doesn’t care and demands Peter will carry out the job he was sent to the Bay for and is not to give away his true agenda. Jack is left reeling…what is going on with Peter?

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