Episode 4132

Australian Air Date: 28th February 2006
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

A heartbreaking discovery changes Leah and Dan’s lives forever – will they lose the baby? Tasha and Jonah’s escape bid takes a horrifying turn for the worst.

Extended Summary

Rachel arrives home and is shocked to discover Dan trying desperately to rouse Leah, who has collapsed on the floor. Leah is raced to hospital and the anxious wait begins for test results – what caused Leah’s condition? Dan is guilt-ridden and apologises profusely if their argument was the cause. The awkwardness between them is evident but both are focused on the baby’s health. Dr Green returns with the news that Leah’s condition is the result of a severe allergic reaction to a tick embedded in her ear. They are reassured that this should have had no affect on the baby but just to be sure, Dr Green orders an ultrasound. Leah insists Dan share the moment, why should he miss out on seeing their baby, just because of the tension between them.

The sonographer prepares Leah and informs them they will be able to see their baby’s heartbeat. An exciting moment for Dan and Leah as they share a smile – the bonding moment Leah had been hoping for. But as the sonographer searches for the baby’s heartbeat – a horrible realisation is made. Dr Green takes over and their worst fears are confirmed – their baby is dead!

Two burly Believers return to the tent and dump Jonah on the ground. Tasha is distressed to see Jonah in such a state after his ‘punishment’ but she is chained up and can not help him. Once Jonah awakes, Tasha mentions Mumma Rose’s talk of the ‘purification’ ceremony – his eyes widen with horror. Tasha is shocked as Jonah explains it is the washing of the person in the river and then using fire to exorcise the evil out of them. Jonah has given up hope but this makes Tasha even more determined to make an escape. Rebecca arrives bearing more food but this time gives Tasha a knowing look as she exits. Underneath one of the plates is a note from Rebecca telling Tasha to sit tight – she will help her escape! There is renewed hope for Tasha as she realises Rebecca has been fooling the Believers the whole time.

It’s now night, and Rebecca arrives at the tent – it’s time for their escape. Rebecca explains the Believers are down by the river preparing for the ceremony – the coast is clear! They make a dash towards the gate but just as they get close to freedom, a scream can be heard behind them – Jonah has been captured and is dragged back to the camp. Rebecca pleads with Tasha to keep running, but she turns back – unable to let Jonah be hurt again. Tasha tells Rebecca to get the cops while she goes back into the lions’ den to save Jonah.

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