Episode 4131

Australian Air Date: 27th February 2006
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Dan and Leah’s marriage crumbles in the wake of Dan’s discovery that she kissed his brother. Alf is furious following Ric’s admission that he cheated in his school certificate. Ric faces the consequences of his deception when Hyde delivers more bad news.

Extended Summary

Dan is reeling from the discovery that Leah and Peter kissed. Leah tries desperately to explain the situation but Dan is too worked up to listen. Leah pleads and eventually Dan gives in. Leah honestly expresses her doubts about her feelings for Dan but how that all changed when she had her accident. Dan absorbs her plea but is quick to question why it has taken her so long to own up – obviously the kiss meant more to her than she is letting on.

Peter returns the incriminating photo to his file back at the Police station. He opens the folder and inside are more photos of other Bay residents! Jack appears at the door and Peter fumbles to put the folder out of Jack’s view – what is he hiding? Dan arrives at Amanda’s apartment to seek comfort by spending some time with Ryan. Amanda picks up instantly that there is something wrong and questions Dan on it. Dan hesitates before confiding in Amanda. She is sympathetic and comments on how betrayed he must feel that it was his brother. The irony of her words isn’t lost on them, given the history of Peter interfering with their marriage. Amanda offers Dan the bed in her spare room – after all, he will get to spend some more time with Ryan.

Meanwhile, Peter knocks on Leah’s door. She is irate and can’t believe he would even show his face. It’s because of their kiss that Dan has walked out. Peter manages to calm her down, but at a moment when Peter is closely comforting Leah – Dan walks in to the room. Dan can’t believe his eyes – it’s not what he thinks but Dan doesn’t hang around for an explanation! Peter chases after Dan. The two brothers come face-to-face and the tension is extreme. Peter apologises for lying about his break-up with Clare. At this moment Dan realises Peter returned to the Bay because of his feelings for Leah – there really was more to the kiss! Dan explodes and punches Peter, knocking him to the ground. Peter knows he has potentially ruined Dan and Leah’s marriage but makes a heartfelt plea for Dan to at least hear Leah out. Given Dan’s recent gambling problems – everyone makes mistakes. It’s food for thought – but will he give Leah a second chance?

Leah is broken from her reverie by the sound of Dan’s voice behind her. Dan speaks openly of the hurt and betrayal he feels, especially that Leah knows he has been hurt like this in the past. Leah justifies herself by commenting on feeling alone because of Dan’s gambling. Dan suddenly takes this a blame for Leah’s actions and the discussion quickly becomes a heated argument. Dan rips into her as Leah holds her hand to her head, suddenly hit by a wave of dizziness. She collapses to the ground. Dan rushes to her side as Leah lay lifeless…

Alf is furious following Ric’s admission that he cheated in his school certificate. Ric tries to defend himself – he cheated because he didn’t want to disappoint Flynn. Sally is sympathetic but also reminds Ric that Cassie was under the same pressure and did not resort to cheating. Ric is feeling worse by the minute but is dealt another blow when Hyde delivers more bad news. This is Ric’s second expulsion so he will not be allowed to resit the exam.

Morag returns from the city and is equally disappointed in Ric’s behaviour but suggests an appeal to Reefton High School. Ric is subdued, knowing that he will have to travel an hour to get to school. There is relief all round when the news comes that Ric has been allowed to resit the exam except for Ric who has decided he doesn’t want to go back to school – and there’s no changing his mind!

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