Episode 4130

Australian Air Date: 24th February 2006
Writer: Sabour Bradley
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Ric’s life is forever changed when his past comes back to haunt him. Dan finally discovers the truth about Leah and Peter’s adulterous liaison.

Extended Summary

Ric storms inside the house after leaving school. Dan is hot on Ric’s heels – he tells Ric to head back to school – an argument erupts – Sally demands to know what is going on?! Ric explains that he is tired of being treated like a freak at school. Sally understands, but tells him it will get better. Eventually Sally and Dan talk Ric into returning to school. Dan is about to send Ric into class when Hyde asks to speak with Ric – in private. The Education Department just called and informed Hyde that Ric was one of the students who bought a stolen exam paper! Ric tries to deny it, but Hyde has proof… Ric has no choice but to admit to his deed. He explains that he had to cheat – Flynn was dying, Ric didn’t have the time to study, but didn’t want to disappoint Flynn by failing! Hyde understands – he’ll try and make some calls and see what he can do. Eventually Hyde returns, with bad news. The Department of Education have strict rules about cheating, and given that Ric has already been expelled from Yabbie Creek High, they’ve insisted the same action from Summer Bay High. Ric is more worried about telling Sally – this is going to kill her – it’s the last thing she needs! At Summer Bay House. He really freaks when he sees Alf is there too! Hyde is about to tell Sally when Ric cuts him off, he’ll be the one to break the news…

At the Diner, Colleen is decked out in brand new work out gear – tracksuit, joggers, sweat band, the works! Kim is her new personal trainer, along with Madge Wilkins and a few of the other girls! Alf passes her on his way in – he’s worried about Sally. Leah decides to go and visit her again. Peter enters – pleasant to Leah – Irene is onto it! The moment is interrupted by Colleen wailing – she has sprained her ankle before her first personal training session! Irene checks the injury – Kim offers to take Colleen to the hospital.

At work, Rachel is busy at the nurses station when Dr Helpman approaches – there is an obvious awkwardness. Kim and Colleen enter with her wailing in pain. Kim sees Rachel with Helpman and notices that Rachel isn’t comfortable. Dr Helpman throws a sleazy line at Rachel before moving off – she can’t stand this guy. Kim is still watching – something isn’t quite right… Rachel doesn’t see him as she stands at the nurses station and Dr Helpman approaches. He strokes Rachel’s back, she flinches and moves off. Kim is stunned! Later, Rachel walks by and Kim jumps up to speak with her. He explains about Colleen and that he also saw that doctor fooling around with her – why did she let him do it? Rachel tells him it was nothing and to stay out of it, just as Dr Helpman appears. They move off leaving a worried Kim… Kim apologises to Rachel as he wheels Colleen out in her chair. Kim says he thinks the doctor is a sleaze, Rachel asks him to stay out of it – he has no idea. She moves off. Kim is left stunned and confussed!

Leah drops by to see Sally and tells her she is going to help her whether Sally likes it or not! Things get out of hand and Leah reminds her that if she needs help, it doesn’t mean she is weak. Sally looks to Leah, her eyes filled with tears – she breaks down in Leah’s arms. Poor Sally…Hearing the news, Alf arrives at Sally’s door, suitcase in hand. Sally moves over to him, he holds her. He will stay as long as she needs. There’s only one thing left to do – go through Flynn’s wardrobe… She hesitates and Alf joins in, folding the clothes…

Irene comments on the awkwardness between Leah and Peter that morning. Leah is quick to defend… Peter has been in the Diner all day – Leah is trying to avoid him. She accidentally spills something on his folder, it drops off the table and surveillance photos of Leah fall out – Leah – what the hell?! She pulls him into the storage area – it’s not what you think Leah! It was just one kiss, Peter, get it through your head! As Leah says this, Dan is standing in the doorway – he’s heard the whole thing!

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