Episode 4129

Australian Air Date: 23rd February 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

In her bid to escape, Tasha starts a fire but ends up trapped in a blazing inferno. Stricken by grief, Ric makes a shock decision to quit school. Sally struggles to stay strong in the wake of Flynn’s death.

Extended Summary

Tasha is still trapped in the burning shed as she coughs and splutters, surrounded by the overwhelming smoke and fire. She collapses to the ground… Suddenly, the door swings open and Jonah and Mumma Rose drag Tasha from the burning shed, saving her life! Mumma Rose puts Tasha into bed and secures a chain to Tasha’s arm. Mumma questions Jonah about the fire – he better not have been involved! He can’t let his feelings for Tasha get in the way of their plan! Tasha pretends to be asleep through their conversation – but listens carefully… She later pretends to wake up and complains to Jonah about the chain on her arm. He won’t remove it. She asks about the numbers tattooed on her foot – Jonah is dismissive and says the numbers are from the prophecy. He doesn’t elaborate any further… Tasha demands to know why they are doing this to her?! Is this what happened to Rebecca too? Jonah says they took care of Rebecca, nothing more, and exits leaving Tasha completely panicked!

Jonah soon returns with a glass of water for Tasha. It is cloudy – she asks if it is more drugs? Jonah tells her to drink it – Tasha refuses as Rebecca walks in with lunch. Rebecca is robot like – she tells Tasha that salvation is near and exits. Tasha goes off at Jonah and empties the glass of water, Tasha asks Jonah if she is ‘the chosen one’ why this is happening to her? He tells her that she is to bare them a child, which will lead The Believers to the next stage of enlightenment! What?!?! Tasha is horrified! Jonah says he knew she was the one from the moment they met. She tries to convince Jonah that Mumma Rose is lying to him, that this is all crazy talk! Jonah snaps and yells at Tasha to shut up! She hasn’t seen this side of Jonah before, she backs off, scared…

Jonah later brings lunch in for Tasha. She tells Jonah he is better than this – he stops. Tasha tells Jonah that she was falling in love with him for being wonderful, a good person who wouldn’t hurt anyone – she reaches out to him and begs he see that Mumma Rose is creating Jonah’s destiny – he isn’t at all. Jonah pauses. After a moment he undoes Tasha’s chains and leads her out of the tent – ‘we’re getting out of here’. As they bolt through The Farm they are stopped by Mumma Rose! No! Mumma shakes her head at Jonah – what will happen to them now?!

Ric and Cassie head off for their first day back at school and can’t believe Sally has made them lunch and is doing the laundry! Sally insists that she can do it – life can’t stop because Flynn isn’t around. The kids are concerned. Ric and Cassie voice their concerns to Colleen and Leah. Alf is worried about Sal too she’s got three kids and the caravans to run! Back at the house, Sally is still cleaning. She picks up some shirts from the ground near the washing basket, Sally pushes her emotions aside and keeps cleaning. Knock at the door. A woman asks for Flynn Saunders – Sally is shocked to hear his name out loud… The couple made a van booking with Flynn. Sally tries to keep it together, gives the lady the van key and closes the door, struggling to hold back the tears. The kids come home during lunch to see how Sally is. She is still cleaning like a machine – the kids exchange a look… She is about to break… Ric and Cassie head back to school. Alf drops in on Sally – says he’ll help out, so will Colleen. Sally loses it – she says she can handle things on her own! She tells Alf to leave… Only just holding it together now…

Ric and Cassie have a hard first day at school – the other kids don’t know how to react to them, all knowing about Flynn’s death. Ric can’t handle the whispers and awkwardness any longer – he explodes – he can’t be treated like this! He yells out that he’s quitting school before storming off!

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